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How long does it take for your hair to back after chemo and radiation therapy?

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I am wondering if anyone can tell me how long does it take for your hair to grow back?

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Hi, I lost my hair 3 weeks after the start of A/C and wore a wig for 10 months. Stopped wearing the wig when my hair was 1 inch long. From stop of chemo to going wigless was 7 months. I used a baby hairbrush on my scalp when the new hair came in. If you plan on wear a wig, purchase it before you start the chemo. I also bought snug fitting caps to wear to bed at night. Blessings, Margaret

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Hi! I lost my hair March 16th of 2000 - 15 days after Treatment One. I had 4 A/C treatments and on June 16th (exactly 3 months later) noticed a "5 o'clock" shadow appearing on my head. By early August, I could go without anything on my head. By Christmas it was super full and very curly! All in all, I was hairless for 3 months. Seemed like a long time but looking back it wasn't. I can relate to wondering all about it as you are - my hair was all the way to my shoulder blades. I had 12" cut off initially. BUT .... losing it was not all that bad. I have learned my LIFE is much more important than my HAIR! Best of luck to you! ~ Jody

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Deb here - for me too long. I ended the last taxol July 31 and it is now about 1.5" but still thin. Hang in there.

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I had my last chemo treatment Sept 1 and finished radiation the beginning of dec. My hair really started growing probably the beginning of dec. It takes a few months to really get that chem out of your system. but there is no stopping it now. It is still pretty short but have not been wearing a wig or hats for about a month now. You will get there!!!! Julie

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