long term side effects/Anyone know if my teeth problems could be related to the chemo treatment?

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Hello, new member here. I went through treatment 6 years ago. Had 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and mitomycin as well as 35 radiation treatments. I'm now experiencing the long term side effects of each. I've had IBS for 4 years and now have a bad ulcer in my sigmoid colon. Also experiencing tooth decay/loss/periodontal problems for the past two years. Anyone know if my teeth problems could be related to the chemo treatment? I had awful mouth sores during treatment, couldn't talk for almost 2 weeks, had to have my teeth sanded by my dentist to help with the pain. Almost got so bad they were going to put me on a feeding tube. But wondering if my current tooth decay could be related to this chemo combo. any help is greatly appreciated!!


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    Don't usually post to this board but just happened to see this. I had a teeth cleaning recently and in conversation with the dentist she told me that chemo does affect the rate of tooth decay because it can destroy your enamel. She said they see it with many medications, not just chemo. She told me that in cleaning she guessed I had been on some medication for a long time. I've had about 2 yrs of chemo now, so she guessed right.

    We are all different with regards to our bodies so chemo may not affect some people and their bite and may really affect other people.

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    I was just diagnosed with a gum infection needing a root canal and am 6 months post treatment. Now All my teeth feel sensitive. I had horrific mucocytits with chemo and could not eat for weeks. I have a product called oracare I now rinse with and use clinpro toothpaste. I hope this helps!

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    yes to clinpro throughout treatment and for months after. my oncologist said that my protocol (follow my posts via my user name) was unrelated to tooth decay. not sure why, but i needed a lit of dental care after my treatment. clinpro is part of my recovery: its an rx toothpaste designed to help prevent tooth decay.