High grade brain tumor treatment side effects

Deb483 Member Posts: 1

Hello. My husband had a partial resection of his brain tumor and radiation 10 years ago. It was a low grade Glioma at that time. For the past 10 years we have just monitored with MRI's.  Minor growth until recently. Now it is growing fast and presents as either anaplastic astrocytoma or a glioblastoma. The doctor said it could be a grade 4 from viewing the MRI but biopsy isn't worth it. He is starting 6 weeks of radiation again but adding temodar at the same time. Then will do another 6 months of temodar. Has anyone done this treatment plan and if so was it successful at all. Also is it really tough side effects?  He is very physically healthy only issues is the brain cancer. Minor seizures, memory and confusion, fatigue, headaches etc.  still hikes and kayaks etc.  We are just anxious and trying to prepare as best we can for this treatment. We appreciate any feedback or advice. 
Thank you