Encouraging words for you with peritoneal cancer

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Hello,   My name is Cindy Baker. In May of this year 2017 I was diaganosed with primary peritoneal cancer.  Talk about being numb.  You see, three years ago, I found out I was diaginosed with the BRAC II mutation.  I had another relitive, cousin, and then his daughter die of cancer.  In 1979 I had lost my oldest sister who was then 31, die of breast cancer.  Then in 1987, I lost my mom to endrometial cancer.  Then in 2007, I lost my baby sister to a combination of ovarian cancer and colon cancer.  I have had various close relatives die of forms of female cancers and several die of lung cancer which I found out later are also from this mutation,  Both of my mom's sisters also died of cancer.

Well for me, when I was diaganosed, I was going to church that day for a tea party.  I was one of the leaders.  When I walked in, I basiclly collapsed in tears, telling them I was just diaganosed with cancer.  I was full of asidies that made me look like I was having a baby at 64 years old...But I am someone who believes in Jesus and his promises in the Bible.   Two years prior, I alsready had a complete hysterectomy, and bilateral mysectomies to prevent me from getting the most common of cancers.  So when I was told I had some form of cancer, you can imagine just how I felt.  I told my primary Dr, how could this be, I thought I did everything to prevent it.  They said I did everything right and what I was told to do.

The following Monday, I went to a cancer Dr, whom I immediately connected with, that was a gift from God.  What a wonderful Doctor, who spent time with me and explained everything to  me and my husband.  I was still very nervous about receiving chemo, because I saw what it did to my sister.  But she was so bad, she had equiptment attached to her and was receiving it continuly.

I am telling you all of this, so you will understand where I was and what I was going through.  So much is what we worry about because we fear the unknowned.  They have come so far with treatments.  For me, right off the bat, they give you anti-nausal meds, benadryl, so no reactions, and tylenol, so I would not get a headache.  Really, the only side effect I had was I was tired.  Really tired.  So, that may have come from the cancer itself.  I went through 6 rounds of chemo, and half way through I had surgery to remove the lining in my stomach, and mine was rolled up like a candy bar and when they removed it, there was no cancer to be found, because the grace of my Father had healed me.  I truly believed in His promises in the Bible.  I never wavered that he would heal me.  My God is so gracious and truly loves us.  

Will this happen to you.  I don't know.  But I am telling you all of this so you too will look for his promises in the Bible on healing.  My mom and sisters, just didn't know he would heal them.  I did and did not doubt.

But even going through the treatments were not as bad as what you hear.  It depends on what cancer you have and what treatments you have.  I had Taxol and carboplatium.

No, it is NEVER easy when we hear the word, YOU HAVE CANCER.  Right off the bat you think you are going to die, but now more people live.  Sometimes I think it is a way God wakes you up so you will turn to Him for all your needs.  I am not trying to be on a soap box, but I am telling you what I have been going thru myself.  I am now going through autoimmunity therepy, to possibly help a relitive in the future.  Thanks for reading my post, as on the way to do more bloodwork for the therepy. 

May you have a healthy and happy new year.




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    Peritoneal cancer iamcindybaker

    Hi Cindy! So happy to hear that you are healing so beautifully! God bless you and yes, believe in prayer!

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    Lung cancer metasized to peritoneal cancer

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer now spread to peritoneal cancer does any one know more about prognosis  and  treatments 


    i was given immunetherspy for my ling cancer however this did not help


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    Thank you.

    I just been diagnosed with Perapneal Cancer.Your words helped me so much.Thank you

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    Believing in God to heal

    Thank you for the encouraging words.This is my 6th. Time of Cancer.I believe God can heal me if it's his will.

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    ppurdin said:

    Thank you.

    I just been diagnosed with Perapneal Cancer.Your words helped me so much.Thank you

    Thank you X 2

    I too was recently diagnosed and found the post VERY helpful and encouraging!

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    Thank you for your words, it was just what I needed to read this morning. I was diagnosed in May 2021, had carboplatin and taxol and 2 surgeries. The first one the tumor was too big to remove without damaging my colon, so chemo came first, the second surgery revealed the chemo had obliterated the tumor and there was nothing to take out, God is good! I am now on maintenance chemo and a PARP inhibitor (I had breast cancer 15 years ago and carry the BRCA gene mutation). My CA-125 numbers are still within normal range but have crept up a point or two for the past 5 months. CT scan was clear, but PET scan coming soon. I am anxious. I know my prayers are heard and I am in need of strength and peace that can only come from God. Your words were so encouraging to me. Thank you again!

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    I was just diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer, after 5 months of medical confusion. I still dont know if they ever checked for peritoneal mesothelioma- but understand it can be hard to determine. Do any of you know how that is detected? As a 68 yr. old female they keep wanting to blame my uterus or ovaries- tho repeated biopsies and visual all are negative. Yet i had CT and MRI discussed lower lung plueral effusion and I certainly grew up, went to school, and worked in old most likely asbestos filled places! Frustrated that no one discusses this with me and keeps wanting to throw in a complete hysterectomy tho all organs are negative. With that mindset- why not remove a kidney, a lung, my spleen, resect colon etc?? My uterus is not the same cell as the ovaries/ fallopian tubes/ peritoneum- so leave it alone. Yet nothing said about my lungs, ... information would be so helpful. My faith in God is strong and im doing all I know to do to stay as strong as possible. Any info on how they ruled out mesothelioma for any of you( esp. Women) would be appreciated. Or just your treatment in general.

    Im currently set for my 3rd chemo infusion this week( carboplatin/ paxitaxel/avastin) and CT scheduled next week to determine if I can have HIPEC and surgery.

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    Hi Cindy, Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging words. How are you doing now? I was diagnosed in early 2019. Thank you for your courage. I would love to know where you are now? Best wishes, Diana

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    Hello! How are you holding up? Is everything okay now? Thank you, Diana

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    Hello Thank you X2, How are you? How were your treatments? I am currently going through a very long 2nd round of chemo for reoccurrence. Just wondering. Thank you for sharing, Diana

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    Hello al PPC survivors, This is one of the few places I can come where I know we can all relate, we have something in common. I wish you all well. Please share your recent experiences if possible. We all want to know what we are up against in the longer term. Self love and self care, Diana