Scared & Emotional

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After waiting 16 days, without my PCP giving me any info except a referral to a Hemotologist, I was told I have CLL. I now have to wait 7 more days to find out "specifics". The lack of communication with my health care providers is frustrating.

I'm staying positive with my family & friends, but silently I'm freaking out.


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    Please calm down. I was diagnosed 2.5 yrs my spleen n liver swelled. First my stomach I just thought I need to exercise more. But next I got a pain my left side that would not go away and felt so tired. Went to hospital, after labwork and MRI doctors sent me to Medstar Georgetown Univ. Hospital. WBC high, RBC low and Platelets. After many tests and bone marrow biopsy....CLL and Anemia. I was already type 2 diabetic. Now I'm SCARED. I know I wanted to live. I had a very good Oncologist after a week in hospital I was sent home with all these meds Prednisone 2.5 months of brain fog, folic acid, Alloputinol to prevent me from getting gout. After 2 weeks I began taking Calquence acalabrutinib pills 2x day for CLL at first I got headaches dailybecause I didn't know extreme heat from the sun was making me sick. Now I know stay out of direct hot sun, must use sunblock and in some cases wear long sleeves, brim hat and cover legs too. My newest problem stated when Astra-Zeneca changed meds from capsules to tables my legs hurt every morning muscle spasms, cramps and achy joints. I must endure because the Calquence keeps my WBC in check. I'm 64 ,other than the leg pain and fatique I am still able to work virtually from home, babysit my grandbaby and do other tasks just at a slower pace. Your body will tell you what your limitations will be and you adjust. Peace n Love.

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    Feeling scared or emotional is natural and understandable. Acknowledge your emotions and try to identify the source of your fear or emotional distress. directv plans Reach out to someone you trust for support or consider practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or mindfulness to help manage your emotions. Remember that it's okay to seek professional help if needed. You're not alone.