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Cancer cells killed by chemotherapy may cause cancer to spread...

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Chemotherapy is known to come with a long list of side effects -- from debilitating nausea and hair loss to extreme fatigue -- and in many cases, it does not cure or even stop cancer from progressing. But what if chemotherapy does something no one has realized before during all the decades it has been in use? What if chemo actually encourages cancer to spread throughout the body, the process known as metastasis?
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This topic and article was posted some weeks ago.

Cancer cells that die, are dead. If anything, the immune system
becomes sensitized to the chemicals that the dead cancer cells emit,
and become responsive and aware of what a cancer cell is, and
then seeks to destroy it.

That concept is now being explored, and could be the explanation
why, when chemo is finished and the immune system is restored,
it manages to fight cancer cells that it's previously overlooked.

The idea that dead cancer cells, or that chemotherapy spreads
cancer by killing cancer cells, is not something anyone should
be taking seriously.

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You are always on top of these bogus articles and I for one am glad "someone" can discount their credibility....... Kudos to you!!!


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"BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Researchers with the University of Alabama at
Birmingham (UAB) Comprehensive Cancer Center and UAB Department
of Chemistry have won an $805,000 grant from the U.S. Department
of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program to study whether dead
cancer cells left over after treatment encourage cancer's spread
to other parts of the body."

"UAB's grant from the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research
Program is designed to reward innovative research projects that
could lead to major scientific and health advances."

From here.

They managed to convince the powers that be, that they should
get an $805k grant to see if such a thing is possible.

Since it's been noted in most medical journals that the body (in
many instances) seems to fight cancer cells on it's own, long after
the chemo is stopped - it would seem more logical that the chemo
is doing good, not bad.

However.... the fact that every known chemotherapy drug is itself
a carcinogenic, and has been found to cause "second cancers" that
are usually totally unrelated to the initial cancer...... What they are
about to spend 805K on, might just end up proving what's already
been proven.

But that's what the industry is all about, isn't it?

"We try to stay sane, but they fight us at every turn"


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