Bladder cancer treatment

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My friend diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer,  doctor say that they need to remove bladder in order to treat cancer.

but, my friend worred about bladder removal, is any other effective way to treat stage 2 bladder cancer.


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    Bladder cancer treatment

    If you have bladder cancer, there are several available treatment options. Your doctor will help you decide which treatment is best for you and this will depend on a number of things. These include your age, how much cancer has spread (doctors call this your cancer “stage”), and any other health conditions you have.

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    Bladder Cancer treatment

    Also recommended for bladder removal but when I went to surgeon he said I was too old (78) and in bad physical shape (overweight with large stomach) for surgery.  Have since started chemotheraphy and radiation.  

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    Burning during urination

    I have stage 2 cancer in bladder.  I am currently going through chemotherapy and radiation as surgeon did not think I was a good candidate for bladder removal.  My problem at present is that I have extreme pain at the end of the penis when I pee.  Doctor has given me Azo and then a prescription for Phenzopyridine, neither of which did any thing to relieve my pain.  Has anyone else had this happen?  Don't want to go on pain killers as I still have 5 to 6 weeks of treatment left to get through and am unsure about future pain and fear of getting "hooked" on pain pills (if they will even work).

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    stage 4 muscle evasive bladder cancer

    i was diagnosed at age 45....about a year ago and have since had radiation and light chemo. had a pet scan done about 10 days ago and was informed it had spread to my lymph nodes in my back and surrounding areas. 2 days later i was admitted to the hospital for acute hematuria which is passing blood and quarter sized clots. very painfull 4 days in hospital but finaly cleared up. was told it would keep happening because the tumor in my bladder would continue to shed tissue. i m not sure what will come next or how much longer i will live. guess its a waiting game to see where it shows up next. i started imunnatherapy and have my second treatment next week. hoping it will buy me some more time. i refuse to take heavy chemo.....just cant see how  poisoning my body will save or extend my life. i have a wife and 6 yr. old daughter at home and i worry about there future. i also worry about how much suffering and pain i m gonna go through.can  anybody relate to my condition? would like some info on what comes next or just to share your story. thanks!

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    Stage 4 bladder cancer

    My husbands cancer is similar to yours. He was deemed non surgical intervention as the cancer involved to many organs. He was started in Keytruda. that stuff is a miracle for sure. It shrunk his tumor. Not that that helped his pain any at all. But it did help with the cancer itsel. talk to your oncologist about it. Wishing you much luck in this terrible journey

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    I am currently being treated for stage 2 high grade muscle invasive bladder cancer. Doctors wanted to remove my bladder, but I decided to have them treat it with chemotherapy and radiation.

    I want to share with anyone receiving chemotherapy with an infusion pump to be very careful. My doctor prescribed 2 mL /hr rate of infusion. This is written right on the prescription that will be attached to the chemo ball.

    There is a tube they connect to your pick line that has a censor on it that should match the infusion rate, therefore in my case the censor should have said 2mL/hr on it. Problem was it said 5 mL/h. The end result is the chemo I was supposed to get over a five day period was pumped into my body in a day and a half.

    I was hooked up to the infusion pump on a Thursday morning and the chemo ball was empty by Friday morning. While having my radiation treatment on Friday morning I ask the radiologist why they would have me carry an empty chemo ball around for four days. His response was this is how they work.

    I then returned to the hospital on Monday to have the Chemo Ball removed and asked the nurse the same question. Why would the have me carry around an empty chemo ball for four days.

    I then showed her the chemo ball was empty and told her I noticed the censor on my arm said 5 mL/hr and asked if this was correct. The nurse seemed very concerned and the next thing I know is I am in a meeting with my chemotherapy doctor and my radiation doctor. They informed me I was overdosed and the chemo drug which I received was infused to fast. The chemo drug was fluorouracil.

    Don’t Trust a Nurse to Administer the Correct Chemo Drugs! Check the Prescription, Censor Rate and anything else in regards to your drugs !

    I am now being treated for cancer and chemo overdose! Not what I expected from one of the top notch cancer hospitals in the country!


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    You and/or your friend can go to the best source of medical information on the internet at regarding bladder cancer. You can look up NCCN guidelines for treatment of bladder cancer there, or via a direct internet search. These guidelines are the standard protocols that leading institutions and physicians follow for treating bladder cancer, based on thousands of outcomes of treatments and surgeries. There is also other detailed information on the treatment options at as well as information on clinical studies.

    The big factors that folks must weigh are survival probability and impact on quality of life.