Sleepy, tired, exhausted, forgetful, yes sometimes depressed

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have a suggestion, or the best trick besides healthy lifestyle, I personally follow, on how to alleviate TIREDNESS when taking Revlimid as maintenance therapy or plain therapy as it's for me?

I won't give up writing (and reading) since they are my preferred indoor activities. Chemotherapy Revlimid/Velcade/Dexamethasone (2018) has thrown me out of wack; I don't recognize myself. A feeling of being on the other side of a big wall cut off the human collective crowd. Debilitating.  

Anyone feeling similar state of being?



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    I am so sorry to hear you are feeling this was several years ago but my husband was at one time on this regimen tratment as well. I know that somewhere along the line (hes been on different treatments for relapsed/refractory myeloma for over 10 years now) anyhow, he had his Vitamin D levels checked and they were extremely low. His doctor recommended he take Calcium and Vit. D daily (more than the usual dosage of D) and it did make some difference in over all feeling of well-being and fatique (which is not uncommon)

    I too am in treatment for a different cancer but take daily Calcium, Vit D as well as iron to supplement my (what I think to be) a pretty healthy diet. I can really notice a difference if I slack off on these  when if so, I too am really tired and out of sorts.

    Its also easy to get caught up in certain behaviors and even when they aren't positive, they become oddly comfortable because we are used to them and know what to expect. Are you able to take a brief step out of your own comfort zone, take a walk in the sun, go somewhere where that crowd you speak of lingers and say "hello"...

    Sorry I don't have a magical healing wand, but know that wherever you are, you are not alone in this. Please stay in touch and consider discussing not only your physical concerns with your doctor, but any feeling of emotional unwellness also and come back to let us know how you are doing soon!


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    Sleepy, tired, exhausted, forgetful, yes sometimes depressed

    Hi Katheryn,

    Thanks for responding to my post. Smile

    All is well. I do daily everything you suggest. Vitamins are important. Vit D3 800 I.E. a day. Did you know that Vit D3 helps to keep Multiple Myeloma in check while in remission? I Sleep up to 12 hours within 24 hours. Going places such as walking in nature trails where there are a lot of trees and water streams. Next summer I'd like to go to the sea and sunbathe to strenghen the bones even though I got Zometa for nearly 2 years. My hematologist gives me iron perfusions often to keep my ferritin at a minimum of 30 ugl.

    And on... I feel blessed I can walk, cook for my children, clean, pray, and pray for you Katheryn, write and read, cry and laugh about my illness. Watch wildlife, see horses which are in my novella I'm writing, and cats and dogs which are also sheltered for the best care. Life is a dream let's dream forever.

    What kind of cancer are you treated for?

    I'm here to give out tips and tricks to feel serene.

    Blessings for you and your husband.

    Shinaid ( should be written Sinaid as in one of my short stories.)


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    It sounds as though you have some positive ways to balance the side effects of this journey, and I will pray that they keep you moving forward in health for many many years to come!

    I was initially dx in 2011 with stage 3b anal cancer. Believe me, treatment for this cancer requires ALL modesty to be thrown out the window and at times is very difficult to explain to others. Imagine 35 to 40 radiation treatments to that and surrounding areas and the horrific related pain. On top of that an aggressive course of chemo and in my case surgery. Yikes! I was sick. This all came just 1 year after my husbands dx of Multiple Myeloma for which his first treatment was a stem cell transplant.

    A year after my first dx I was dx with a rare breast cancer. From then on, until today, my husband and I have ping-ponged with recurrances. I have had 2 mets to my lung/air way treated by combinations of surgery, chemo, radiation, and for the past year and a half been feeling great! I will be scanned again in August but hopeful for no unexpected surprises. I too feel grateful and blessed for the life I DO have, as there are far too many without the quality I have. I am active, travel, volunteer in my community, and have a wonderful supportive family and group of friends.

    My husband also has had his myeloma become active off and on over the years, and he has now had a bone marrow transplant, surgery, radiation, and more chemo or immunotherapy treatments than many. After a terrific family vacation to the beach last summer, in the fall he was dx with another relapse after a broken arm and collar bone leading to his current chemo and radiation. Right now he has a mix of good days and some not so much, but we have both learned that neither last for ever so try to genuinely appreciate the good in all.

    I will surely have you and your family in my prayers for more good days than bad and peace in all.


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    If you get tired quickly, it

    If you get tired quickly, it is worth checking the thyroid gland. I was too active after giving birth, and now 5 years after giving birth, I can cry on the flick or even get to the point of aggression. Despite my temper, it is already too much for me - my body is showing me that I am not getting enough vitamins Useful substances include micronutrients, essential amino acids and other, vital substances that come into the body daily with food. Micronutrients, like vitamins, are the basis for enzymes, specialized cells, and hormones. Irreplaceable amino acids are vital building materials. They are found in animal proteins. Therefore, you should choose what is good for you and not worsen your general condition. 

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    Total Remission

    Before and after stem cell transplant I don't have problem with any of your symptoms. During 6 cycles before transplant, after chemo I just go back to work. 

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    Hello, Shinaid,

    I'm one of the lucky ones. I had Stage 3 MM and my Oncologist pronounced me CURED a few years ago. I had chemo only, and that seemed to cure me;I've been cancer free since 2014. Pretty good considering my prognosis was 2 to 5 yrs to live!!!

    Dexamethasone worked, but it gave me severe dementia. Velcade also worked in conjunction with Dex, but I got severe neuropathy and partial paralysis; lost my sense of balance. After suffering Congestive Heart Failure, I was taken off DEX and Vel; the CHF resolved (in spite of the docs telling me it wouldn't). I went on Revlimid only and my M-Spike went down to zero and stayed there after the Revlimid. In spite of the prognosis that I'd never walk again, I was able to walk - even run, once I got off the Velcade and Dex. The dementia and fatigue completely resolved, but the neuropathy stayed. I got well enough to dance in Zumba class daily and built myself back up. I'm currently back working as a Principal Double Bassist for a Symphony Orchestra.

    Something that helps me with the pain and fatigue is Medical Marajuana.They've developed it to the point that you can get strains to fight fatigue and pain without getting silly. All you need is a prescription from a Pain Doc. The stuff works miracles for me.

    Just remember - This disease is quite unusual and the docs really don't have the answers. I f you do your own research, you may find the answers you need. I hope you're all as blessed as I am.