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Neo Nasopharynx after treatment

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My husband had thirty radiations treatments with around the clock chemo. He finished these in Dec. The scan shows the tumor has shrunk about half and he is due another scan next week. he has a feeding tube and will hardly eat anything as he said it tastes so bad and his mouth is always dry. He also has congestive heart problems. Most of the time he sleeps and stays so tired and weak. Does the body take months to rebuild? After the first week of chemo in the hospital he dehydrated and was readmitted for four weeks and four transfusions. After this was when he had the radiation and chemo. We were told that this is a very rare cancer and treatable. Is there anyone here that has this kind. It had eroded bone before it was found and to the brain. Sorry this is so long and mixed up. Thank you, Jackie

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It's a long road, but there' light at the end of the tunnel. There are lots of survivors out here. Hang it there. Take it one day at a time. The body does take time to recover.

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Hi, I'm not sure what is Neo Nasopharnnx. My husband had Nasopharyngeal stage 4. My husband had over 38 radiation, front back both sides, with huge chemo. on each end of and included with rad. Please post update

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Hi rogerbfi, my husbands tumor was in the back nasal cavity. It had blocked the Eustachian tubes,was around the eye nerves and eroded bone between sinus and had eroded the cranium and was to the brain. We go tomorrow to get results of last weeks scan. In Jan,it had shrunk a little more. The Dr. said this is very rare as he only has maybe one case a year. This type is very common in the Asian country he said. How is your husband now? I think my husbands is just called Nasopharynx. Sometimes I get mixed up.lol Would love to hear from you, thanks for the answer. Jackie

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i have been diagnosed with nasalpharynx cancer. i'm 19 and cantonese. there is a lot more experience treating this cancer in china, and somewhat more in San Francisco, where i live. they are giving me IMRT radiation for 7 weeks concurrent with chemo. and then more chemo for several months after. i'm starting on monday.

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Pixysplash, I hope and pray that your treatments will shrink and that you are cured of this dreaded tumor. As of last week,my husband's did not show up in a scan. Thank the Lord. You are so young for this. Were you ever around open flames? He cleared timber and burned it for years. I understand that this is very common in Asian countries. Would love to hear from you and know how your goes and especially when you are cured. I am so glad you are being treated where they more experienced in this type of cancer. My husbands Dr. we think, is a lifesaver for us. Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you the entire seven weeks. Just hope yours was diagnosed early. Take care, Jackie

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Just some information. I was dignosed with Nasoharynx, Stage 2B in September 2004 - usually found in middle aged Asian men. I had no exposure to anything ... and I am a European that came to America to work and became sick. I had almost 7 weeks of IMRT and 3 batches of chemo. I had problems with mouth sores, dry mouth and eating and lost some weight. It obviously made my body weaker. But I did recover. There are still some side effects, but minor. I would be happy to talk more ....

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I am 58 yrs old male and I am a survivor of 5 1/2 yrs. of Neo Nasopharynx cancer. The radiation & chemo has caused me a lot of problems, 80% of my 5 1/2 yrs I have something wrong and they always say this is from your cancer. I love life, my family and I will do what I have to do. Take Care Woody

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