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Arms 800 failures

i was diagnosed with prostate cancer approx 12/2006 and had my prostate removed 4/07 . Due to incontence dr. Installed an arms 800 urinary inconentence clamp , which failed . I have since had two more devices implanted , the second one failed within a few months and the third one ( a double clamp ) is also starting to fail . i questioned the dr. On the     " double clamp and he said  " if I didn't think you would be dry I wouldn't put it in " I am not dry . I most likely will not get another one and wondering what to do now , 


Multiple myeloma alternative doctors in Nassau Ny

Hi I am the daughter of somoen who has been diagnosed with multipel myeloma. She started teratemnet back in September and evrything was going well until the end of October. She devloped lower back pain and then pinched neves as per an MRI. Doctors claim that the pain is UNRELATED to the multiple myeloma. MRI reveelas opinched nerves. Our mother conitnues to lose weight can't eat and is constantly nauseaus. A colonoscopy was recommended but cannot be done today becuase she had diarrhea and the liquid tehy give for this test makes ypu have bowel movement that are quite watery.

Creative block is over

The candies are made and the cookies(not made by me) are done. Trays to be made soon. Most of the holiday details done, on gifts, I been told not to get anything by all. That is not me, not this year.  A lot has changed this past year, so much it's like, if you can think it, it probably happened, and I keep fighting this fight I hope to win someday soon. 

Feeling confused and hurt

I'm new on here and I'm reaching out to hopefully get some insight on what to do. My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer with brain mets almost a year ago. He has done chem, radiation, and now immunotherapy. Lately he is confused and off balance, he is unable to ride his motorcycle at this point and I know that is a wake up call to him. Why I'm posting this is because he has distanced himself from friends and myself. It's just the two of us, the rest of the family lives up north. He barely talks to me anymore, just sits looking at things on his phone.

Cookie block

So weird at the holidays for me. So many years spent helping, decorating or working to make sure others had a good one. Christmas is a time of year to be festive.  I still don't think I am as sick as I am. I know I just can't do as much as I used to. I had an aunt that liked I enjoyed making cookie trays when I was younger. Years later she reminded me about them, and years ago and I would make them every year. Give to family, friends, co workers.

The wait

A third into this round of treatments. The tests are done, and the wait for results begins. I really hope I am beating this. It will mean so much to be able to tell my family and friends at Christmas the news. I pray, wish, and hope my news is good. I am going to do my best to stay busy and not focus on "what if it is not again". It is part of the fight to stay positive everyday, and it finally is ok to that people understand I can have some bad days. I just don't like poeple to see or know those days.

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Questions about the neobladder

I;m a 76 year old woman with bladder cancer. I'm having surgery in January hopefully to have a neobladder. I won't talk to the surgeon till next week. I'm very worried and scared. If anyone can give me some reasurance and tell me your experience with the neobladder I would greatly appreciate that.

Pretty others like me

I am that girl who got to feel pretty, been so long and it felt so nice. I met some others kind of like me. I did not feel so alone, they were beautiful people inside and out,  I could be me and it was ok. It made me feel like winning this fight and someday I could say I am a survivor, possibly find some way to help others once I am better. 

elderly mother diagnosed with kidney cancer

my mother was diagnosed with kidney cancer just recently. She has been having blood in urine for 3 months and recently stomach paint, loss of appetite and lethargic. GP said has said all along it waas UTIs. CT scan showed large mass in right kidney and he told her she had cancer and he referred her to a urologist. Have any others experienced a scenario like this?  She also had a CT scan on lungs and he said he isn't too concerned with a few nodules that showed up.   


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