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prayers for a friend

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Good morning to all,

My daughter has a 26 yo friend since high school. Her name is Lindsey. Last year Lindsy was diagnosed with lymphoma. She had a port put in and chemo. She had a pet scan in Sept. and was NED per her doc. She was told this info on her 26th birthday. I was her nurse when her port was removed. Two weeks ago we did the Light the Night Walk which is a fundraiser for lymphoma. Lindsey told me she woke up that day with a pain under her arm. I was praying it was nothing, but told her to call her doc and get it checked out. Lindsey had an aggressive lymphoma and had another biopsy and she has lymphoma again. I was her nurse yesterday for her picc line insertion. She has begun chemo again, but was told her only chance of a cure will be a bone marrow transplant. She is an only child -- a sibling would be that best chance of a match. She will be put in a data base and they will look for a match.

Please pray for a match and a cure for Lindsey.

Thank you all,


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My prayers are with her. Life is just so unfair. I will pray for a match soon.

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Maureen, i have already lit a candle for her, and i will keep one burning until you tell us that she has found a match.

Many hugs,

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I am so sorry to hear about Lindsey. I will add her to my prayer list.


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Prayers sent to this brave young lady.
God bless,

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Sending up prayers for Lindsey. It must be so hard to stand by with her, but I know she cherishes you. Please keep us posted.

Hugs, kathi

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So sad, this whole disease, but especially sad when a child is involved. Sending prayers for a match soon. God Bless,


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Hi Maureen,
This disease sucks; I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's friend. Take good care of her and yourself. Judy

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