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My Testing blog by Homaid

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Miss you Ro and Carol...

Dear God, please bless the researchers with your grace and guide them to find a cure for cancer.  I posted friends names last year to remember, I posted names this year to remember, and I know there are names I will post next year.  Each name takes a little piece of my soul.  Each name represents a person loved and treasured by their family and freinds.  It has to stop sometime and not because cancer wins.  


My first visit

Hello everyone! I've never done this before, and not sure how this works? I was refered to this site by my husbands Oncologist. I am apparently having anxiety since my husbands diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer stage 4 , three months ago. He has been on Chemo treatments since shortly after the diagnosis, and the Dr.'s prognosis for him is grim! At my husbands last visit, the Dr. stated "He will die from this disease, the treatments are just to buy him a little more time". I'm glad the Dr.

Overcome cancer through spirituality and meditation

Inspirational Survivor Story

I just surpassed 20 years in remission from a malignant brain tumor.  I was recently nominated at work to do a short video on perserverance.  Conquering cancer helps everyone realize that you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.  I know many lose the battle everyday, but for those fighting or who have survived, please use this positive message to get you through the day.



husbaned diagnosed with sclc


  i am here because my husband was diagnosed with sclc on friday 13 2015.  he had a ct scan done because he had been hoarse about 3 weeks.  the ct scan showed a 6 cm  mass on left lung on october 14 2015

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Surprising New Update

Well I saw an endocrinologist this past saturday... twice a month the endocrine doc has Saturday appointments.
The soon to be Diagnouses is Hashimoto's Thyroiditis... As soon as I get the labs back from Saturday's blood draw.
Endo DR said with all of your dx's, labs/tests results, and lack of hair... It's deffentally Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
Saturday's labs were just an up to date... since last labs were drawn in May.
That's where everything is at this moment.
have a wonderful holiday.

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Chin edema

i had radiation and chemo together March/April 2015. I developed Chin Edema in August along with other symptoms. My hair started falling out of my scalp, my voice got worse instead of better. I was treated with antibiotics and a anti fungal after they figured out I had a staff and strep infections in my throat and a yeast infection in my esophagus. I feel a lot better now, but I still have this lump under my chin and it feels like fluid in my nasal passages. Has anyone else out there experienced anything like this? I have a compression garment, but it doesn't seem to work.

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Waiting Game And Being in Pain

Im tired of being in so much pain ive been struggling with bone pain im not on any Cancer Treatment right now ive been six years in remission but i dont know how much more i can take of this and im waiting to hear back on weather or not my medcaid and medicare will cover for the battery relpacement surgerie on my spinalcord stimulator that im having problems with .

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Medical brutality and Negligence make our life atrocious & is worse than dying by Mahboob ali khan MHA,CPHQ,HQM Phd Harvard.

Indian perspective for cancer treatment at government facility

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