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the journey of mine

hi everyone that is reading this I want to let you guys know the journey of my life. When I was younger I landed up really sick. My mother took me to the doctors to see what was wrong with me.

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In short, I am amazed.

My breast still looks burned, especially where I got my boost radiation, but it looks worse than it feels. Five days after my last treatment, the blistered skin on my areola fell off to reveal brand new, unburnt skin underneath. Before and after pictures here.

Stage IV Linitus Plastica Cancer Survivor

Just wanted to let anyone out there that has Linitus Plastica cancer that there is hope.  I was diagnosed Stage IV in August 2007.  I went through all the surgey,  several chemo tretments and several radiation treatments and I was fortunate enough and blessed by God to survive. I had a really good team of doctors and was blessed with a supportive family and an employer that understood my situation and let me take off a few months of work.

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Mouth Opening Shrinkage

Has anyone had their oral opening shrink? It is called microstomia and I have it! My mouth has shrunken to the point that I cannot get my upper denture in without tearing the side of my mouth and that is not fun!

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Hello All

Hello and hope everyone is doing well today. My name is Chris I'm from NY and I'm 42yrs young :)

 I was just diagnosed on Wed and will be going into surgery at Sloan Kettering this coming Tues morning with Dr.Paty

Really still trying to wrap my head around what's going on and what will be in the coming months. Dr said I have 6 months of

chemo waiting for me after I heal from my surgery. Any input on do's and dont's would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks :) 

Adriamyacin and congestive heart failure

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2002.  I had a lumpectomy and 8 lymph nodes removed.  I was in a clinical trial.  There were two groups.  One group had four treatments of adriamyacin and four treatments of taxotere, the other group had six treatments and they were given both drugs together.  I almost died from the first four.  I could not keep anything down for over five days, I had two blood transfusions, I was given a derivative of marajuana, etc.

Sometimes Breast Cancer can be a Godsend

Who knew having breast cancer would change the lives of so many people?  It changed mine!  It changed my famly and friends.  It changed strangers I didn't even know. 


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2½ Years Later

After receiving a cancer diagnosis a person's mind goes wild.  Will my wife be okay?  How much insurance do I have?  etc, etc.  Now, 2½ years after receiving my last dose of radiation, life is good.  FYI, I was diagnosed with Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma.  A tumor was found on the base of my tongue.  One surgery to remove part of my tongue, another was a radical right neck dissection.  Nasty one, that last one.  But I can still talk and eat almost perfectly.


December 2014

Last January 31, 2014, I had a tumor removed from my left thigh.  The surgeon thought he was going to remove a simple fatty tumor, but was surprised to find it was bigger & not what he thought it was.  He sent part of it for biopsy & report came back benign.  I thought that was the end of it until mid-September, 2014, i noticed another lump in same general area as the tumor that was removed 7 1/2 months before.  I was referred to a vascular surgeon, who did surgery to remove that lump, which had grown & became very painful, especially at night!  Thi

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Body and Mind

In 1995 I did the first Boston-New York AIDS Ride, bicycling from my adopted city to my birth city in three days with thousands of other people. I had trained for that ride for about nine months, almost exactly the same length of time I was in active treatment for cancer.

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