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Figuring things out

We were told on 4-25-16, my mother had a mass and several lesions on her brain.  She had been feeling unbalanced with tingling and pain on her left side.  The PET scan then revealed cancer in her spine/neck area, lung and kidney.  Radiation immediately started in the head and neck area.  The side effects have set in.  Blistering of the face and mouth.  Daily trying to have hope and trust in God and the doctors.  Not knowing what to expect.  Finding out the histology of the cancer indicated it was from the cancer she had 6 years ago, uteran cancer.  What do we do now?

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getting through

Hey everyone I just wanted to get out to some others about my situation and to see if anyone else has experienced the same.  I am 56 years old and a non smoker and about a year and a half ago I developed head and neck cancer of my left tonsil.  It was squamous cell carcinoma.  33 radiations and 6 chemos later I did my scan and found that it had matastisezed to my left upper lung and I was told I now have stage 4 lung cancer.  I did the cyber knife radiation treatments and 12 more chemos.  Now my last CT scan shows clear.  I am not to have another scan for 6 months.  I am concerned the other

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Triple Negative Breast Cancer

One year after chemo and surgery, I'm still not back to normal. 

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Nameste!!!! This is Babita Chura. I am proud to be an Indian. I am cancer fighter named lymphoma Hodgkin'.Recently I have completed my radiotherap. Want to make my own blog to help and support others who facing cancer. Really one of happiest person in the world because I am alive....


Thankyou so much!!

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ovarian and cervical cancer

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer after some time of painful sex. I have most my cervix removed and after I wwas told to do a pet scan and a me I. After that it showed I had a tumor growing in my ovarie I had it biopsies and take. Out but I feel so strang bc the dont want to do chemo or radiation. And this entire time I have not been really sick. I feel lost in this I mean I am only 31 I just done understand

Washing Dishes with Cancer Chapter Twenty-nine.

I don't look back- and so if anyone reads this I want to say that there might be some repetiton from Chapter 28.  And I don't write to make anyone sad; I write for myself because I am discovering so much love.  There was so much underneath all that conflict, dormant.  Inactive, backed up, waiting to break open, come alive, breathe.  Alive with love.

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The Darn C word again

I was 29 years old when my C journey began - Not quite sure how I reacted then cause I was young and thought - well they will just go in and get it!


I was diagnosed 4/28.  I hate 4/28..... that would make a good start for a rap song. 


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