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RRP followed by PSA Rise

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HI all

So I went in on Thursday morning for my RP.

Spinals and catheters were a bit of a drama but got there in the end. Don't even remember going down or waking up.

Felt woozy for the remainder of the day which made getting used to the catheter fun.

Consultant said the surgery went well and that he managed full nerve sparing on the left hand side and the rest went perfectly. Six weeks to wait for the biopsy review.

Had lots of chats about after care and have a load of meds and laxatives to work through plus 28 days if blood thinning injections.

Have got massive bloating but not where I expected. Face was fine, abdomen slightly distended and getting floating gas in my shoulders but the suprise was, well... lets just say the word cantaloupe describes my current underwear containment needs :)

Had one porthole leak on me but we are managing that.

No sensation loss anywhere that I can feel (bloody toes hurt this morning being stuck in the DVT stockings overnight) and Mr Willy doesn't appear to have lost any feeling. No pneumatic reaction though which was not surprising.

Feel worse today I suspect as the operation meds are wearing off. Working really hard to take it easy.

Constipation is going to be my big battle - I have not gone yet and ever time I try it feels like I am tearing my innards up. Need to be patient!

Only big hit I have had was the job offer I was waiting for got pulled due to budgets. Gonna have a fight to get back to the real world soon.

I have to say I attribute a lot of the success outside of the medical team skills to the fact that I lost over a stone (more to go) and went on a hardcore training regime for two months before the op. My fitness levels are now the same as someone a lot younger, but I will need some work to recover what I am going to lose over the next month of recovery. Something to bear in mind!

Thanks for all your support, folks!


PS - watch out for laughing and coughing.

Posts: 385
Joined: Mar 2017

Quick update - urology onco appointment four weeks from now - clearly not seen as urgent :-/


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