I might have to join a new board

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Ecerything's ok with the remaining kidney., but rhe Prostate valve on the plumbing is suspicious and I am having a biopsy on July 26.







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    On both counts. May biopsy be uneventful and keep you here with us. Take care iceman!

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    Glad your kidney is good.

    Wishing you the best with the biopsy.


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    Sorry to hear the news. I’ve

    Sorry to hear the news. I’ve been down that road and prostate cancer is usually very treatable. Hang on, take a deep breath and see what  happens. Chances are you’ll be fine however the biopsy comes out. 

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    Best wishes on the biopsy ice

    Best wishes on the biopsy ice.

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    All the best, Iceman.

    All the best, Iceman. Hopefully it's just a little inflammation and you won't need to defect to another board!

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    Iceman, please keep us updated and stay here with us.  I belong to three boards now.  The breast cancer and the bladder but no one is ever there.   Since my bladder cancer is in the kidney, I am here because all of you understand and are kind to me.   You were one of the first ones to respond to me here and I appriciate that.  I will be praying for you for great outcomes and bright days.



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    Awww, shucks

    Sorry to hear.  No one likes an additional Whammy.  Have your tests and make your decisions.  Then live your life!

    And that's an order.



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    Glad your remaining kidney is

    Glad your remaining kidney is okay..whew~

    No one likes to hear ANYthing more about any kind of cancer. BUT prostate cancer is is most treatable with long time remission. 

    You'll be okay. But I do feel for the anxiety you must be feeling.

    Keep us posted!

    Healing hugs, 


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    Forgot to ask you, if you

    Forgot to ask you, if you have always been getting regular check ups for your general health? And its been good?

    Okay. It is amazing how well  they can treat this type of cancer IF you do have it.

    Good luck on your biopsy. I know several men who have had this and are cancerfree!!

    My brother chose not to have surgery but a less invasive technique using non surgical.  It was done by a Oncology radiologist and glad he got to avoid surgery. My Brother in law had the surgery. Both are cancer free.


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    knowledge building!

    You're retired so you should have the time to be on two boards:).  Sorry to hear about these new developments, Ice.  Wishing you only the best outcome!


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    I'm sorry to hear, icemantoo. You already beat RCC. You can do it again to your plumbing. We're with you!

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    Stay (Ice) Cool

    Just another thing to deal with.  Hope the biopsy shows nothing too serious.  Best not to mess with that thing if you don't absolutely need to.

    Best Wishes, Fred



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    Sorry to hear your news. 

    Sorry to hear your news.  Wishing you the best.  

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    Hope all is good

    I hope all works out for you. Thanks for all your support on this group.

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    Wishing you the very best

    Wishing you the very best iceman. Keep us posted! 

  • Canadian Sandy
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    Hoping for the best. Keep us

    Hoping for the best. Keep us posted.

  • Allochka
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    Iceman, you are soul of this

    Iceman, you are soul of this board! With your strength, humor and positive attitude you will be allright! 



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    Iceman, we all need you

    Iceman, we all need you. Wishing you best of the best with the biopsy. keeep us updated. Take care!

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    Aww .. back on the merry go round

    Not good when the boring quiet life you had gets turned upside down


    but stay calm

    known fact that many men have prostate  issues..l including cancer  and they have  long long lifes

    my unc has had it for 20 years and he is 92


    but praying it is just a plumbing issue.. and they just shift things round a bit

    praying for my hero

    Baby  I can feel your halo

    Pray it won’t fade away



    they dont call you the iceman for nothing


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    Sending you prayers

    that all is ok. You are our cheerleader and inspiration.