I might have to join a new board



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    Met with Prostate Surgeon

    Met with Prostate surgeon in Orlandt today. Will nbe setting surgery in about 6 weeks. Had to sign an acjnnowleggemr\emt that I probably not be anle to father chilsren after this.So far 2 children on their 50's and Icewoman who will be 75 next month seem to be taking this as   well as can be expected.




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    Keep that sense of humor, Ice.


  • eug91
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    You still got six weeks, iceman. Better get cracking. :) 

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    Love your sense of humor! I

    Love your sense of humor! I could use some of it. And yes, I agree with eug91 :)

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    Best Wishes

    Iceman, I'm orry to hear about your new Cancer. You were one of the first to respond to me here when I joined and I appreciated your advice and comments. I wish you well and pray your treatement goes well. 



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    Iceman, you'll be fine with

    Iceman, you'll be fine with this sense of humor!!! :-)

    No doubts about that!

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    Prayers going up


    You go, you fight, you win!    Prayers and hugs,  Annie

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    You have a awesome sense of

    Prayers. You have a awesome sense of humor and have always been so supportive of everyone in this site. You will conquer this and continue to inspire more people 

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    Hahahaa...love that sense of

    Hahahaa...love that sense of humor, Iceman!! Did you say that to your surgeon or was HE/SHE the one who thought they had the joke?

    On your way...to getting that bugger out of there!

    Healing Hugs, Jan