I might have to join a new board



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    icemantoo said:

    I need a new beanie

    I need to have my Prostate out Twelve of the 16 cores on the bipsy were poeitive and some were aggressive. The surgeon I am seeing is n Orlando about 160 miles away . He has done 12000 of  these.





    I'm sorry to hear that.  It

    I'm sorry to hear that.  It sounds like you're in good hands, though.  Is it a new primary or mets?  Sending you positive vibes.

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    Very sorry to hear that. But

    Very sorry to hear that. But it is one of those very treatable cancers.

    And Iceman, with your attitude, sense of humor and spirit you'll do great.

    Hugs, good luck, please let us know how it goes. Keeping fingers crossed for you

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    yet another beanie

    I'm sorry it turned out this way, but you beat one before - we know you're gonna beat this one, too. You got this, Iceman! 

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    So sorry to hear this, Iceman

    So sorry to hear this, Iceman. And yes, you're going to beat this too! Do you have a date scheduled?

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    You will have the best possible outcome !

    Iceman, We all pray for your best possible outcome !

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    Best wishes icemantoo.

    Best wishes icemantoo.

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    Best of luck!!

    you will beat this too... 

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    What a bummer! prayers sent

    What a bummer! prayers sent your way and keep the positive attitude!

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    Sorry to learn of yet another

    Sorry to learn of yet another challenge of the "c" word, Iceman~

    At least you are smart enough to come here and let us walk this journey along side you.

    Sounds like you have a good surgeon. Keep us informed.

    Healing hugs, Jan

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    Thank you for your sharing & very sorry to hear the result

    (Taking a deep breath). I know is like the sky is falling on you. But you are a strong veteran on this... U sure can go over the top once more again. All the best to you... 

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    Best wishes

    Prayers sent your way.

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    Sorry to hear this news.

    I'm sure you are in good hands, Ice.  I know you have done your research on your doctor and the hospital you are receiving care.  Undoubtedly, they are both top-notch. 

    Wishing you the best possible outcome!


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    Tough Old Bird

    Iceman,  my Oncologist is in Orlando as well.  Good luck with your Dr. and surgery.   Hang in there, I know you will as you have proven yourself a "tough old bird".


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    Prayers going up

    Prayers going up for you Iceman.  Please keep us updated.  



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    Best wishes Iceman, I am sure

    Best wishes Iceman, I am sure this is found early too and another 17 years will be no problem!

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    Iceman - you let me keep my beanie

    Cheking in here after 2 years post surgery for an benign tumour. Iceman, you were the first to welcome me, you farewelled me with humour.  I send you best wishes for your upcoming procedure, recovery and I hope the kids over at the Prostate board have someone as wise and kind and funny as you keeping them in line.  Best wishes from down under. Kiwi68 (Jo)


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    Very sorry to read your news

    Very sorry to read your news Iceman you have been a dear friend and guide to so many people who have come here during a terrible time in their lives and helped to calm, comfort, and support them. 

    We need you back fit and strong as soon as possible.

    This will just be a little blip it sounds like your surgeon is so experienced he might try to do this with his eyes shut. Tell him this won't be acceptable and we want him to give you his full concentration. 

    Best wishes.

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    And thoughts are with you. You’ll beat this one also!!

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    Hey Iceman! We know you have got this!

     Wishing you a speedy recup. My thoughts are with you.

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    have you got a date  or are you all done 


    warm thoughts ways with you


    looking forward for when you can check in again