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Hello everyone. I know everyone counts differently, but my anniversary (for me) is from my last treatment. Yes, it is 10 years ago today I was getting my last chemo and I write here for two reasons.

One, to give newbies hope. I know when I was diagnosed I had no idea what was in the future, and to be fair I think many of us, even with all the years, are right back there remembering everything as though it is today. While treatments have changed over the years I hope they are for the better and many of you can look forward and post yourselves on anniversaries.

Two, I do want to remember all our sisters we have lost. I carry them with me everyday. When an old post pops up and one of our dears faces and comments show it brings a smile and a tear. God bless our dear friends.

I had a floating holiday I had to 'use or lose' so I am glad I picked today. Quiet time for me with my stuffed koala bear I nearly squeezed the stuffing out of all those years ago.

I know it has been quiet on the board lately, and I know there are many out there who pop in and see if there are any posts, but feel free to use this one as a time to check in and let us all know how you are doing - like role call.

My heart is with you all and I pray for peace, healing, and cures.



  • cmb
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    So happy that you shared this wonderful news here so that we can celebrate with you! You’ve been such a faithful and valuable participant on this board for so many years! I’m glad to have the opportunity to thank you here for all the support you’ve provided me personally, as well as on behalf of other members.

    Taking the day off to reflect on the past and present was a great use of your floating holiday. May there be many more milestone anniversaries in your future.

  • kpro2126
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    Congratulations to you, reading your posts have given my mom and I so much hope. I hope you have an amazing holiday and a healthy New year!


  • ncg007
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    Congratulations on this major milestone! Wishing you many more healthy years.

  • Kathy G.
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    Congratulations on TEN years!

    That is truly a gift for you and does offer such encouragement and hope to the new ones who come seeking hope and reassurance when checking out the board.

    And as cmb wrote you have made such a commitment here...always showing up to share info or lend an ear!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    God is good!

  • thatblondegirl
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    That’s wonderful news, NoTime! I’m so happy for you! That is a BIG milestone!

    It’s only been 21 months since my last treatment, but I can vividly remember each of my infusion days!

    As our friends have written, I, too, am very grateful for your steady presence on this board!

    Merry Christmas to All!

    ❤️, A

  • Forherself
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    It's so nice to read this success story. SO nice for newbies to read it. I do remember how comforting it was to read of survivors. For some reason all the articles made me feel scared, expecting the worst. So congratulations and I hope that is the end of it, and thank you for sharing, and being here to help those fellow warriors here.

  • MoeKay
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    Wow, NoTime, ten years is a very long time! So happy for your having reached this major milestone!! Thank you for your thoughtful post and especially for everything you've done for all those seeking support and information on this board over the years.

    Wishing you decades of continued good health and much happiness in the future!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


  • carolrichwrites
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    Congratulations! Ten years is huge! I'm smiling ear-to-ear for you. Truly, you're an inspiration. ❤️

    Carol R

  • BluebirdOne
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    Woo Hoo! 10 years! What a milestone. Very nice going into the holidays with such a positive reaffirmation!

    And we must all thank NoTime, (Ellen) for her 10 years of support, advocacy and love to all of us. The continuity is as important as the body of knowledge. We all remember our first times here and people who reached out to us. Thanks, one and all.



  • NoTimeForCancer
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    Oh Connie!!! Yes, I know you have been around on the pages a long time as well. You are always so generous with your support here.

    I would love to hear from all those out there.

  • carolrichwrites
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    Dearest of all OldBeauties,

    Thank you for sharing your incredible story. You are articulate, thoughtful, insightful, inclusive, loving, and inspirational. You say you haven't posted often through the years, but when you do...well...it's significant. Continued good health to you...always.


  • oldbeauty
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    Carol, thank you for the kind words. Best wishes, for your continued healing and thriving. Oldbeauty

  • jan9wils
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    Well I'm glad I popped in today to read your good news and to read from so many other survivors. I'm an 8 year survivor and although I have recurred several times I keep on plugging along. I have some good news to share; I had a CT scan in November which showed no evidence of a tumor or a lesion. This is makes one year without evidence of active disease, a first for me!

    I, too, have benefited greatly from this board and wish to thank everyone for their advice, comments and support. I have found reading other peoples' journeys so encouraging.

    Happy New Year!


  • oldbeauty
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    Jan, That is indeed wonderful news! What a great way to start 2023. Best wishes, Oldbeauty

  • ConnieSW
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    Jan, how wonderful! You are one I’ve worried about.

    Old Beauty, I’m sending hugs

  • Forherself
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    You have truly fought and I am SO happy to hear you have clear scans! This is such good news


  • cmb
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    Jan, family health issues have been difficult for me recently, so reading your great news lightens my heart as well. Such a good way to start off the new year!

    And, Oldbeauty, we treasure the members such as you who have continued to offer support to others here for so many years. Thank you!

  • Harmanygroves
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    Congrats on getting to your ten-year anniversary, the one you have chosen to honor! I am glad to stop in and say hello. I apologize for being absent. Lately, I've started five online publications, three I'm accepting writers with.

    If any of you are Medium members, or interested in joining and publishing stories, I'd be glad to work with you. I'm the publisher, and also the editor-in-chief.

    But enough about me! Hello all of you, and I will take a peak around. CMB, sorry to hear things are rough. Let me go have a look, but please know I'm thinking of you <3