6 year NED

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H&N friends,

I crossed over the 6 year post barrier and had my final (actually one extra) cancer exam and it was great.  My ENT was in a stellar mood and he felt, looked and scoped to several good words “Everything looks great”.  Of course there were more doctor words about no swelling, no mass, no ulcer, patient has fibrosis from radiation and lack of saliva and a whole bunch of words which summed up to you are ok and do not need to come back (unless needed).  We discussed his current load and he said 25% of his HPV+ patients are women and his average age is late 40’s to 50 years old.

As a reminder to where I was and what I was doing there.  I thought I would be in and out of his office fast, so I did not take my water.  It turned out I had a dry mouth and tickle in my throat and I started to cough.  I ended up running back out to my car to retrieve my water bottle. So, not everything was cured.

Good Luck Everyone.






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    GREAT !!!

    HUGE congrats to you Matt !!

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    Yay! Awesome news! I carry water around like a comfort blanket! If I'm without, I panic! 

    Best Wishes to you! NED dance!!!!!!!!!

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    Excellent news

    Congratulations!  You're an inspiration to others!

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    Outstanding Matt

    Great to hear the news. 

    My Best to You and Everyone Here

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    Congrats Matt!

    We are soooo very happy for you! Move forward with life and don’t forget your water bottle! 

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    Excellent news. Hope to be

    Excellent news. Hope to be right behind you in 5.5 years.

  • AnotherSurvivor
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    Congrats.  Good to read a

    Congrats.  Good to read a post here about 'happy' outcomes.  Right now six years seems like a very long time.

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    Here's to you, Matt

    The bus has made it's final stop, and let you off~~~I can't say I enjoyed the ride, can say , Congratulations. I'm getting off in November 2018

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    Good News

    Love to hear the news Matt.  It gives so many others hope.

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    That's awesome news Matt!  

    That's awesome news Matt!  

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    6 years



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    I love it when someone wins

    I love it when someone wins the lottery! Not even money is as precious as your health.( Come to think of it, why dont these docs have water machines or something?). Enjoy, Matt!

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    Congratulations! So happy to

    Congratulations! So happy to hear your good news!

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    Really happy to read this Matt! Congrats fellow survivor!

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    Wonderful News!


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    What wonderful news, Matt!

    What wonderful news, Matt!

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    Awesome news!!

    Awesome news!!

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    Cheers Matt. You were such a great help to so many of us on this page. I will raise a glass for a toast to you this weekend.

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    Great to hear Matt. It sure is a great feeling working out of the doc's office with such great news. Cheers!!!

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    Looks like we both graduated

    I was going to say we both graduated from the same class but I was told many times I have no class. So with that said I won't mock you by putting you there. I visit the site occasionally and ussually log off after seeing sad news with either losing a warrior or finding new faces beginning or currently in battle, so I have to say it is good to see good news right off the bat.

    I tell people often that the University of Pennsylvania was the best place I ever got kicked out of. That was last January when I was told I was cured and truthfully I miss the place, I always felt at home when I walked into the place. That may sound odd but many have called me a sick **** but then I reply that I get paid very well to be one.

    Congradulations Matt.......enjoy the day...........I do.............every one of them