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    Treated special because of the bald head....
    When I first went bald, my little grand-daughter felt so sorry for me and I wanted her to stop feeling my hairless head was such a tragedy. So I told her that it would be GREAT because if I got pulled over for speeding, I would just have to whip off my hat and the policeman would feel so sorry for me that I wouldn't get a ticket; and I told her that people would let us go to the front of the line; and that if she was having a bad day at school, she could say "My grandma has cancer" and they would cut her some slack. I told her that it was like that when I was pregnant, long long ago, that people were extra kind to me; and that having cancer was my "Get Out of Jail Free" card, and I wouldn't have to do anything I didn't want to do, and could do almost anything I wanted.

    Of course, none of that was really true. But it was LESS true than I anticipated! No one REALLY lets me go to the front of the line! And I thought they would. I have always been the kind of person that leaves my shopping cart to help a pregnant women load her groceries into her car, because that is the way I remember my own pregnancies in the 70's. I've always offered elderly people or people who look unwell to cut in front of me in line; or take my seat, etc. Maybe it's the "times." or maybe it is the privacy people assume you want, and the empowerment the handicapped have fought so hard to achieve, and people just don't know what to do. But I haven't really experienced any 'privledges' from having cancer (other than the valet parking at the hospital). I don't WANT people's pity or NEED the kindness of strangers, but I am a bit surprised that the 'perks' of when I was pregnant are not there for me now, and how untrue my words were to my granddaughter.

    Linda, I also did not receive any privileges that I was aware of - but I did sense that people gave me nods, smiles, small acknowledgments that GAVE ME THE PERCEPTION that they were aware of the challenges that I was facing.

    I wouldn't want pity or privileges based on pity. But that extra handshake I get in church from the lady who looks me in the eye and says "God bless you!" means so much.

    Mary Ann