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Lymph vascular space invasion (LVSI) on pathology report

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Anyone have experience including this added metastatic risk factor, please?

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I had that on my path report. The cancer had penetrated the uterine wall 89% and I have involvement in the lymphatic space with metastatic cancer foundation in one left pelvic lymph node of 12 removed. My diagnosis is Endometriod Endonetrial adenicarcinoma stage 3C1 Grade 1


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I am so relieved to find this site and others with the same diagnosis of LSVI on their path report. It gives me hope. My pelvic lymph nodes were not removed due to frozen section looking like IA and my surgeon not wanting to cause lymphedema. My Ct showed one 9mm node in external ileac which was commented as possible metastases or possible normal. I had one treatment 1/13 contracted covid and go for monoclonal antibodies tomorrow. I am trying to remain in faith and calm. 

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The antibodies are doing their thing and you get Covid behind you ASAP so you can concentrate on treatment.  This sure was a double whammy. Do let us know how you are doing. 

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Lyn, while I have not had that diagnoses, I would welcome you to come to ask any questions.  Lots of wonderful women and their loved ones here to help.  It is all so overwhelming but you are not alone.  

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Welcome to the board, Lyn. As "No Time" said, there are women here who can share their experience with you. 



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Lyn, I had LVSI "suspected" on the path report following my hysterectomy. They had removed all my lymph nodes and since they were all clear, my original oncologist thought it was unlikely and poo-pooed it. It's a long story, but the short version is that I kept pushing for a scan that my onc kept denying, until it finally happened and I had mets in my lungs (but nowhere else). So, in my case, LVSI proved to be something they should have paid attention to sooner. I had a new onc soon thereafter ;)

It bears watching. Since it sounds like you have a diagnosis of LVSI, what is your onc's recommendation?


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Hi Lyn, I had my surgery in May 1999 and my pathology report indicated that my LVSI was extensive.  I've seen references online to a three-tiered system for reporting of LVSI which includes: (1) no LVSI; (2) mild or focal LVSI; and (3) severe LVSI.  Since my LVSI was determined to be extensive, it would fall into the severe category.  Does your pathology report give any more information on the extent of your LVSI? 

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My oncologist said my LVSI was extensive as it was in both ovaries. Two pathologists reports said I was very high risk for metastasis.The tumor invaded within 1mm of serosa.  I had my first of 6 Taxol/Carboplatin chemo 1/13. I will have 4 weeks of radiation. I am very fearful. 

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Lyn, I too was very anxious after surgery when I learned about my risk factors for recurrence.  When I was diagnosed in 1999, chemotherapy was not standard of care for my stage and grade of cancer.  I would have felt much more comfortable if I had chemo since I was worried about distant spread, which the radiation I had did not address.  I found that the fear and anxiety slowly got better with the passage of time, but I initially needed medication to get through the rough spots.  Good luck as you complete your treatment!

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That was nearly nine years ago.  I have been NED since treatment.

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My pathology report stated "The tumor shows vascular space invasion into parametrial and lower uterine segment soft tissue." I guess this would make me a Tier 2 according to MoeKay's references (thanks for sharing this MoeKay).

The tumor measured 5.1 cm, invading 0.5 cm out of a total myometrial thickness of 1.3 cm. Staged as 3B, Grade 3, uterine carsinosarcoma (MMMT). 

This was one of the factors considered when I was deciding on external radiation after chemo. I'm still NED 3 years after treatment.

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I had LVSI (and isolated tumor cells in one of the two sentinel nodes they took) with UPSC/clear cell.  Surgery 10/2/18.  Carbo/Taxol/herceptin chemo.  Whole pelvic IMRT.  No recurrence so far.

Yes, LVSI is most definitely a risk factor for recurrence.  But it doesn't mean for sure that it will happen.  

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My pathology report showed LVSI when I had my hysterectomy in 2014. My oncologist recommended radiation as a result. 


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My CT scan indicated enlarged lymph nodes in left iliac region. Surgeon took some para-aortic lymph nodes during surgery and it's good she did. 3/6 were cancerous. I went from IIIC1, G2 to IIIC2, G3. I am now halfway through chemo, completed 3 sessions of internal radiation, and will have 5 weeks of external radiation after chemo. Don't be afraid. I feel pretty crappy today--had to start Neulasta due to low WBC numbers--I chose that to keep from delaying chemo. Mostly run down feeling but still did 4 mile walk and worked a half day. My first 3 weeks with this felt like I was getting a gut punch every time a new test result came in. But now my CA125 reads 22 down from 62 when I was diagnosed and 77 3 weeks ago. The news will start to turn. Your body might feel beat up but now you are battling this thing actively.



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I had both LVSI and a positive pelvic wash.  Was diagnosed endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma Stage IVB Grade 2.  Thankful to report I am 3 years and 4 months NED from end of chemo.  No radiation. 

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