Radiation Fatigue

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Hello All,

It's been a while since writting or read here.  I was diagnosed with Stage 4 locally advanced PC last Sept.  Went on a trial of Lupron, Zytiga for 6 months then RP.  Everything went well.  Because of my Lymph node involvement (3 still had cancer) they suggested 8 weeks of radiation followed by 18 weeks of Docetaxal (chemo).  I just completed by 2nd week of radiation and I am absolutely exhausted.  I am 47 years old and in fairly good health and fit (except for my PC).  Can anyone comment on the fatigue so early on in my rad treament?  I was told I would be tired but towards the end of treatment.  I also need to mention that my treatments are at 6:45 am each day so I am up at 4:15 am but I do go to bed a little earlier. - Thanks

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    If you do daily exercise you will not experience fatigue.

    A friend of mine swam several miles every morning and did jogging several miles every evening. He did not suffer from fatigue. No surprise I guess.

    Yoga can also help with radiation induced fatigue - see this article: (please copy and paste the link)


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    hits all of us radiation folks in slightly different ways.

    As G53 wrote, exercise will help, but it takes will power to get over the lethargy barrier.

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    Afternoon naps

    I concur with the above survivors. Radiation causes fatigue as our immune system tries to recuperate. Better diet and a change in life style (adaptable fitness program and afternoon naps) may help to counter the effects.

    I did golf on weekends and walk my dogs every day (stopping here and there to recover my breath).

    Best of lucks.


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    Thanks all for the feedback

    Thanks for the feedback.  Part of my issue is that I am up at 4:15 am as treatment is at 6:30.  Sounds like I need to stop at the gym on the way home to get in a workout even if for 30 minutes.  I am also lokking into the yoga thing as well.


    THanks and good luck


    ~ Burgie