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Bladder cancer treatment

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My friend diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer,  doctor say that they need to remove bladder in order to treat cancer.

but, my friend worred about bladder removal, is any other effective way to treat stage 2 bladder cancer.

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If you have bladder cancer, there are several available treatment options. Your doctor will help you decide which treatment is best for you and this will depend on a number of things. These include your age, how much cancer has spread (doctors call this your cancer “stage”), and any other health conditions you have.

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Also recommended for bladder removal but when I went to surgeon he said I was too old (78) and in bad physical shape (overweight with large stomach) for surgery.  Have since started chemotheraphy and radiation.  

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I have stage 2 cancer in bladder.  I am currently going through chemotherapy and radiation as surgeon did not think I was a good candidate for bladder removal.  My problem at present is that I have extreme pain at the end of the penis when I pee.  Doctor has given me Azo and then a prescription for Phenzopyridine, neither of which did any thing to relieve my pain.  Has anyone else had this happen?  Don't want to go on pain killers as I still have 5 to 6 weeks of treatment left to get through and am unsure about future pain and fear of getting "hooked" on pain pills (if they will even work).

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i was diagnosed at age 45....about a year ago and have since had radiation and light chemo. had a pet scan done about 10 days ago and was informed it had spread to my lymph nodes in my back and surrounding areas. 2 days later i was admitted to the hospital for acute hematuria which is passing blood and quarter sized clots. very painfull 4 days in hospital but finaly cleared up. was told it would keep happening because the tumor in my bladder would continue to shed tissue. i m not sure what will come next or how much longer i will live. guess its a waiting game to see where it shows up next. i started imunnatherapy and have my second treatment next week. hoping it will buy me some more time. i refuse to take heavy chemo.....just cant see how  poisoning my body will save or extend my life. i have a wife and 6 yr. old daughter at home and i worry about there future. i also worry about how much suffering and pain i m gonna go through.can  anybody relate to my condition? would like some info on what comes next or just to share your story. thanks!

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer (both small cell and transitional cell carcenoma).  He had 4 treatments of chemo which took care of the small cell although it has an 80% chance of returning somewhere in his body.  He is currently taking immunotherapy which has kept the other cancer at microscopic size which has had numerous side effects like loss of taste buds and loss of the adrenal and pituitary glands.  Has anyone else had this type of cancer/treatments and lost their tastebuds?  Did they return at any point?

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Yes, from what I was told, lack of taste is common for many types of chemo. It may take 6 months for the chemo effects to leave his body. Taste will likely return sooner.

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How old is your friend?

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I just finished my 3rd maintenance treatment and the pain when urinating is horrible.  I had some of the same symptoms following the 5th and 6th of my initial treatment but it only lasted a few days.  This time it started after the 2nd treatment.  I have an incredibly hard time urinating (never a strong flow only light and can't seem to empty my bladder) and the pain is terrible.  I make several trips to the bathroom throughtout the day and night with a strong urges to go but barely able to at all.  I tried pyridium (AZO) but it didn't seem to do much good.  I told my BCG nurse about this on the last two (#2 and#3) and he says some people have harder reactions than others and wants me to follow up if there is no change in a week; had the last on 26 Dec 18.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

BTW-my WBC was at 25 following the first but no infections after they did a culture.  The WBC was at 181 following the second and caused them enough concern to hold off for an additional week before the third, still a negative culture followed.  When I did the third (day after Christmas) it was a 42 but the doctor said it was important to continue with the treatment.  Anyone else have these kind of numbers?

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