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Dry mouth

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i had total thyroidectomy last year and this year i am going through Radioterapy.

can anyone tell me how long will it take after Radiotherapy things can be normal like dry throat etc.

i meant to have 30 sessions of Radiotherapy but due to early signs of sore throat my doctor thinks i am not able to cope with 30 sessions he did only 25 sessions of Radiotherapy. 

But now my sore Throat and dry mouth is killing me. i really appreciate if anyone can guide me how can get rid of this dry and sore throat.

i could not find magic mouth wash in LONDON. anyone can tell me what is magic mouth wash and how does it works.



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If you have not already.

Magic mouthwash contains lidocaine is for pain. It comes in two forms, swish and swallow or swish and spit. 

My husband used Biotene for dry mouth.

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Thank you Noellesmom. I couldnt find Magic Mouth wash here in LONDON. i will try to get it from somewhere else. 

My treatement is Finished and now am on Recovery mode. i dont know how long will it take me to recover. i only had 24 Fractions because my neck is burnt from radiotherapy and now a days using Flamazine to recover but my throat is getting sore day by day there's no improvement in it. 

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I ended my treatment for throat issues (35 radiotherapy and concurrent chemo) on 11/25.  Today, 12/22, soreness still coming on and improvement is incredibly slow.  It seems that this takes forever to work its way through.  Hope things resolved well for you.


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