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the last 4 months....

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As regulars here know, I've had my share of issues. I may never win the war but I win alot of battles. Delaying the inevitable is not a bad game plan. We can only benefit from the latest treatments if we are still alive as they become available. Since my diagnosis, I've had my nephrectomy, nivolumab trial, Il-2, radiation, and now votrient. Each has helped for a while and bought me more time. This past year has been rough and having not died this winter gives me lots of hope for all you fighters. Particularly my friends DJ and Neil.

The pain I was in was exceptional. Then the near complete loss of use of my right upper extremity. 75% loss of left UE. Then leg weakness. I was well on my way out, but hung on. I was thinking that if I lived through this one, I would essentially be a total care, near quadriplegic survivor. I believe that if it wasn't for my wifes help, I would have ended up dieing in a nursing home. I was preparing to sell off my guitars, golf clubs and Harley. I couldn't use them and I wanted to save my wife the hassle of getting rid of my posessions as "that" day kept getting closer.

As our record breaking snow and cold winter finally passed, I was able to get outdoors by april. Walking in the driveway with a cane and leg brace has now progressed to over 4 miles. With hills. No cane. No brace. I no longer look like I had a stroke. I drive my truck easily. I am playing my guitars with no problems with my left hand on the fretboard. I can't strum well but cross picking works. My right arm still has a long way to go but it is more promising every day.

Then this past week I did the unimaginable. On tuesday I played 18 holes of golf! I used a cart and was exhausted but it can only get better from here. Tex, that ones for you buddy.

And then, on friday and saturday,...can you guess?....Yep. I took my Harley out for a ride!!!!!!!!! It was second nature. But VERY heavy. But I DID IT!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!   Jojo, you get the first ride. Thanks for your encouragement to not sell it. Ron, this one was for you.

As my nervous system continues to improve, I will get stronger.  I do have a long way to go. I'm down 40 pounds of muscle and I might not be smarter than a 5th grader, but almost as strong as a skinny 11 yo 5th grader. (nicknamed Sissy). I am back to fully independent in all activities of daily living.

I thank everyone for their prayers, karma, support, belief in me and concern. I have worked hard to live up to all the expectations. Living forward. For all scared newbies, believe in yourself and think positive. I have been so fortunate. I could have packed it in a long time ago. But sometimes the harder you work, the luckier you get. I won't make many plans for next year, but this is going to be an awesome summer. Thank You.

FLY. (fox loves you)

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Fox - You never cease to amaze me. I had set my sights on May when I was hoping to ride again. I didn't make May but maybe late July or August. I am not giving up. Hoping you continue to progress at a fast pace

Keep the faith


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Fox, you are amazing. I am so thrilled to read this and that you played your guitar and rode your Harley and that you’re doing well. You’re one of my all-time greatest heroes.

Firedude, it’s your turn to ride this summer. And I really think and feel that you will!

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THIS makes me cry...!!!!!! YAAAYY!!!!! Love how you gave tributes to TEX, RON and JoJo.

Make US a video of you playing and riding eh? Please?

Seems you also believe in the power of communal, global ENERGY, be it love, or faith or whatever you name it!!!!!

I am so happy for you and for your wife. Hope your hugs with her are tighter!!!

Gentle Hugs, Jan

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Foxy, I had no doubt that you would sail through this. The seas were rough, but you prevailed! And your reward is to ride again. This is such inspiring news for all of us. I can't wait for my ride on your bike! LOL. Keep at it, my friend.

Firedude - keep your eye on the prize. We want to hear when you are out riding your bike too!

Big hugs


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You are an example to us all. I tip my rather stylish Fedora in your general direction

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Fox, you are one tough son of a gun.  Unbelievable.  You epitomize the words of Jimmy Valvano--"Don't give up, don't ever give up."  Congratulations on hanging in and turning the corner.  Outstanding. 

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Yes! May this summer officially be deemed  the Summer of Fox. We should all be so lucky to live the Summer of Fox!

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It should be noted as I read this post, my husband is coming to pick me up for pizza and beer. I will toast to the Summer of Fox. 

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Fox, you continue to be an inspiration to every one of us on this board. WOW!

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YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!! I haven't commented on many of your post because I often don't know what to you say. This posts gives everyone hope. You are always a light of posivity. I hope you continue to grow stronger and ride that Harley. Wow. Just WOW!!!!!

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You have been a source of inspiration and courage and love.  You give others so much!  Im very happy to hear you rode your Harley.  Like RMolinaro414  Im at a loss for words but I guess I wouldn't be much better in my native spanish!  There are too many feelings and its hard to translate them to virtual ink.  I wish you a beautiful Summer, filled with notes from your guitar, rides thru the breezy wind with your Harley and sunny golf days.

Im one of the newbies and I look up to you.  These last few days I have been feeling scared and your post today has been a special gift.  Thank you and keep on flying Fox!

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Fox, your strength and willpower are unbelievably impressive and your comments today will provide help to those who may never post but who read these boards as they undergo their struggles.

You have been in east coast hibernation and those Harley rides will become easier; you set that goal, as I recall and you got it. Now, some weight gain and you will feel even better.


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You are a super nice sweet person.  God bless you.  I thank God for answered prayers. I pray for you everyday, and will continue.  Oh how it pleases me to hear you got to ride your bike, and play golf, and walk ,and strum your guitar.  We will get this band going yet LOL.  I pray you have the most awesome summer you have ever had!!!  love you my friend.

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Way to go, Foxy! I am glad to hear that you are doing better and better! I never doubted for a moment that this day would come, and I see many better days in your future! You fight and you fight hard!  I am sure that Tex and Ron appreciate the games in their honor! Have that pizza and beer and wait for Jo-Jo to hop on! Love you lots and lots! XXOO

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What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? It asks FOX for advice. You are the man, my friend. 

- Jay

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I cried happy tears when I've read it! Yes, let it be summer of Fox!

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when you get west of the Rockies.  Not that you haven't already been to H---and back.  I'll meet you for a brew.


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So happy for you Fox, mind over matter :)

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Thanks everyone. I'm going camping in a couple weeks or so. There will be a lot of walking. I think I'll be ok. But the days of running and weight lifting may be a thing of the past. We'll see. You just never know. In any event, I am so thankful to have reached this level of function.

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     How can anyone ever think of quitting this fight after reading your inspirational story!  When I do get down, this is where I come for a "lift me up"!  I am truly looking forward to my "Summer of Fox"!  Have a great time camping!

                        Love, Brenda

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I smiled broadly at the Harley ride.  I know how much that means to you.

You are an inspiration to us all


Hugs and a raised glass of cheer to you!


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I love it! And believe me, I am smiling also. The bike is so heavy I don't think I'll ride too much yet. But I guess just getting on it was the point and goal. Next week is a day trip to a vintage motorcycle show and swap meet in New York. Then hillclimb competition in New Hampshire the following week. Then back to NY for a 4 day biker style woodstock. Add in some golf and guitar and shoot, it's still only June! What will July and August bring to the "Summer of Fox?" You guys are awesome! FLY.

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I do not have much to say except THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING AND HANGING IN THERE , AND THANKS TO YOU FAMILY FOR BEING THERE FOR YOU . GIVES US ALL HOPE . So happy you are determine to stay upbeat and hanging in there , Best Wishes and PRAYS TO YOU .

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Summer of Fox....


EnJOY it!!

YOU so deserve fun!!

Now if only you could write us a song?



Hugs my dear FLY


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Fox, glad to hear your health is improving and you are doing well. Hope you get to enjoy your Harley this summer. - BDS


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Go Fox!

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Im happy for you Fox.  I also appreciate how hard you push yourself to achieve your goals.  Its more than just being positive.  You are also determined and work at being as strong as possible.  I think your bike inspires you to wellness.  Dont ever sell it.  

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In case you're interested



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of the I of M. Ron had a passion beyond most re: motorcycles. Very special stuff. Thanks footsie.

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Not the city but the mythological creature, is what your post brought to my mind. I havent been around for a long time, too long, but damn its good to see that you are still around Fox :-)

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to see you around Galrim. I for one have worried. Hope you are well.

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thanks Fox :-) just passed the 5 year NED mark and is now considered of no medical interest. I.e. No more scans.

Been busy with a new job and a baby daughter born in March(fourth child). Thus my absence, sorry if it worried anyone. 

I am backtracking on the oldies in here, and I have to ask, though dreading the answer, Neill?


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Glad you are turning the corner. Best news I have heard in quite some time.

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Skagway Jack
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There ya go!  Good on ya Fox, glad your able to get back on the bike and ride.  Sounds like a great summer plan.  You amaze and inspire us all!


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How wonderful.

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Wow!! So great. Going thru all that stuff and still have positive tought. And that positivity is surely helping you. Don't want to go trough what you've been trough, but if one day i get bad news of a stage upgrade, i'll just have to read all of your posts to inspire me.

Keep going, and riding that bike!!


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You are truly an inspiration to all!!!

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Fox you are an inspiration. In military jargon I dub you HMFIC! You'll figure it out. I also apologize for not being around, as Galrim.

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