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News about our Djinnie

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Hello dear friends,

I have been communicating with Djinnie since she "signed off". Unfortunately, she is going downhill very fast. My heart is breaking for all that she has endured. She is in a lot of pain, the morphine isn't doing much at all. I am hoping they advocated for different meds for her. She has asked me to let you know....the following is a quote from Djinnie:

"Sadly I have taken several turns for the worst, in fact I am struggling to write. I am very likely to end up in hospital because the pain is excruciating, I find it difficult,  I can't eat any more and bodily functions are shutting down. I would appreciate you telling the others as I don't have the energy.  I will try and stay in touch with you,you are a good friend."

I know that everyone here has a special place in their heart for that special lady. Our thoughts and prayers will all be going out to her and her family. I hope she doesn't have to endure much more pain. This is a horrific disease.

If I hear any more, I will definitely let you know.

Much love and hugs,



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I'm at loss of words...

thank you for letting us know

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My heart is breaking as well. This is just awful. She's a very special lady and I can't stand the thought of her suffering like this. I hate this %$#@ disease!

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This is heartbreaking. I haven't been heavily involved with her story, but I read a ton of her post. I am praying they can find some relief for her pain. My heart goes out to her

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thank you for posting this; I too had been communicating privately with her but had not for a couple of weeks and was concerned about bothering her.

She is a very special lady and it hurts to learn that she is having so much pain.

if you hear anything more, please let her know that she is in my thoughts.

i dread signing on and seeing a post with her name just as much as I had been delighted to hear from her before this latest turn.

Thank you, JoJo 


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OH dear, how sweet of HER to think of US! Thank you so much, JoJo, for relaying her message to us.

I wonder if she is truly in hospice care. Hospice RNs are trained in knowing how to administer pain meds, in levels most MDs RNs cannot for home and hospital care. Hospice even knows how to read a patient's level of comfort when they can no longer tell you. Even I learned how to tell our RNs a patient was in distress when the Hospital medical team thought they were "fine."

A good hospice  eventually provides IV Pain med PUMP that computerizes the amount used and times patient or family pushes the boulus (button) for extra relief. That way you get continuous pan adminitstered and doses/amounts adjusted continually when needed. Morhine helps also to keep the airways open at that latter stage of dying. Weird because opiates suppress respiration when not dying.

Some  hospices do not provide this IV pump inside the home, but the one I worked for did. So, if you are in more pain, inspite of the pump, the Hospice RNs would come out to re-calulate on a DAILY basis,  if not hourly, so you'd never have to suffer. Of course if you are lucky enough to get into a residential hospice, they staff is right there.

Again, you need an MD to order Hospice care for a patient, even if in a hospital or residential setting.

The Hospice I worked for required daily RN home visits, once a IV pump was placed. The RNs were available 24/7 even during the night just to make sure the patient is not suffering. They also offer emotional support for the family with help and instructions and assisitance.

This is why we need to advocate for Death with Dignity laws here in USA (DJinnie is in France). That way she could decide when she feels enough is enough, and wishes to go peacefully without suffering. Again, this would be HER decision.

My heart is so heavy, no one should suffer like she has..is..

I continue to send my spirit of love, forgiveness,

and hope that she will have the peace she so well deserves..

Soon.. DJinnie soon..

Even though many miles separate us..

we are connected..

Heart to heart...

Spirit.. to spirit..

Love with lovely love...

May you know how much I love you!!

Thanks again, JoJo..

Hugs to us all!!!



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Thankyou jojo.  Please tell djinnie we are with her in spirit.  My heart aches.


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So sad reading this she is a very special lady, please send her all my love, this is a horrible desease,

Sending prayers, love, hugs and kisses.

Angela xx

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So, so sad but thank you or for keeping us posted. I hope she doesn't have to endure much more. Sometimes life is just not SO good- BDS


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Sad news...Hope they can keep her painfree, at least...

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Thank you JoJo. Wish I could return the comforting words and advice she shared with me when I needed it. Thank you Djinnie!!

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We are all thinking of you and wishing you the best in our own ways. Should you look in know that we hold you in our hearts. 

Thank you Jojo, for keeping us informed

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Thanks Jojo. DJ, I am pulling real hard for you. We will see you again.

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Djinnie, I am hoping for the best for you.  Keep fighting, and don't give up. 

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Thankyou Jojo. It is good to know how she is doing even though it is not good news. She is a dear, sweet lady and I will be praying for her and her family.

Hugs to you too! Melissa xox

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Billy's Wife
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You are so very loved and appreciated for how you give of yourself, always.

I'm sending prayers, hugs and wishes for peace of mind, body and soul to you.


Jojo - You're a pretty special lady too!

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Thank you for the update.  I too hope she can find some comfort.

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Appreciate your post. I'm really sad to hear she's struggling with so much pain. I hope they can get it under control.

Djinnie, we're pulling for you.

Wishing you the best.



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I, too, have been in contact with Djinnie and last heard from her a few days ago. It appears her health has certainly regressed since her last message to me. As always she was wishing me the best and being the wonderful person she is. It is at times like this I find it very difficult to know what to say. 



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We haven't seen you much around here these days. How are you doing?

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Thank you for updating us.  I know you will make her aware of how much everyone cares.  I am so angry they aren't managing her pain.

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I know it's been a while since I posted. I have been going through my own issues and to be honest I didn't feel up to contibuting anything. I have several new things happening - new brain and bone mets. Latest brain MRI showed no growth in the one lesion in 2 months which is good and radiation oncologist is not in a hurry to radiate but he will be meeting with his team on Monday to discuss. He wonders whether Sutent may be having an effect although is fully aware of the blood/brain barrier. I have been on Sutent since early January and have had few side effects for which I am thankful. I haven't reached full dosage of 50mg, presently 37.5mg 2 weeks on, 1 off. I feel that this drug might actually be doing something postive. The one tumour that is obvious has has had a significant reduction in size. I will also be seeing medical oncologist on Monday for review. I assume it is almost time for a CT. Happily, I still feel pretty well and outwardly show no signs of the dreaded disease

i have been reading posts and note you and several others are due for CTs soon. Good wishes to all.



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Sue, I don't know you very well, nor you know me, but wanted to extend my empathy for your recent struggles. What a battle! Just wanted you to know I care and hope you receive continued improvements ..reaching wellness. Glad you have few to no side effects too..whew~

I can imagine if she could, DJinnie would reach out to YOU with her care and support~

Be well,

Warmly, Jan

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Just wanted to say hi Sue. And glad to have your post and your update.

Wishing you the best.


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What are we going to do today Brain?  Same thing we do everyday Sutent!  Take over the world!

Sorry about that.  I seem to have developed a dark side to my humor.

One of my issues with RCC was a tumor on my pituitary gland.  After radiation and the appropriate waiting period.  The original tumor was declared gone. 

However there was just a glimmer on the pituitary stalk itself.  And that was declared not important.  I went on Sutent shortly after that.

Remained on sutent for three and a half years.  The glimmer remained so the whole time. 

Except for the side effects I loved Sutent for the controll it had over the RCC in other places.  However I was moved to votrient.

Along with a new Doctor closer to home.  Long story. I was without treatment for nine months.  I needed the rest to be frank.  Most everybody was on their best behavior. 

Then the glimmer went from just that to 3.5 cm. 

So yes.  Sutent can and does get by the blood brain barrier.   I used to have a printed copy of an ASCO abstract that studied that in a positive way.

Wandered off somewhere.  I will probaby find it next to my youth and good looks. 

I hope I have helped in some way.

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No one deserves to go through this cancer is a horrible disease i just hope  Djinnie is able to be comfortable.

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I had been keeping up with her also but Ihave not heard anything for a few days and was wondering about her.  Bless her heart, hope they can control her pain.  Sure do love her.

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Thanks for the update, JoJo.  DJ is one of a kind! So warm and loving and thoughtful! Even while going through her own issues, she writes to ask how my mom is. I am praying that things turn around for her.  It is too quiet around here without her posts! Praying for you DJ...Sending you love and big hugs! Know that we are all pulling for you!  Sue, it has been so long since I have seen you around, wondering how you are.  Thanks for the update, I am glad to see that you are doing great with Sutent. Wishing you the best and sending hugs all the way around to everyone!  XXOO

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Thank you for letting us know about Djinnie. I am still checking in on everyone. May the angels surround her and take away her pain. SUZ


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I have been so busy and unable to post, however, I do read the board daily.  My prayers go out to Djinnie and my hope for her is resolution for pain and peace.  Thank you for always updating us, Jojo.



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Debbie, Jojo has a new thread updating us with good news. Read that especially her post from the 24th in that thread.




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Iam new to this site and don't know any of you ,but I read a lot of the post . I'm so sorry to be reading about Djinnie . My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family

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