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wrong events....

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Well,...Spent this past week in the finast institution in America. Yale New-Haven Smilow cancer hospital. Short story. Near total loss of right arm. 70% loss of left. Clots in arm and lungs. Tumor growth from base of brain to about T-2 down spinal canal. Around some nerve roots. And rt. brachial plexus. Did not expect to be here anymore. Bottom line, Radiation, votrient, steroids, anti co-agulants. First of 10 radiation treatments done. Return as op Monday-fri. for 2 weeks. Fatigue to the nth degree for hours after trying to shower and dress this am. Will post as capable. Not likely to keep up with everyones posts. I apologize. See you toward the other end. Whichever one it is.

Fox loves you.

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in California, there has been no winter for the second year in a row; we had some rain in December, none in January and only once in February.

temps never dropped below 50; officially we have a drought but I am selfish so I choose not to worry but rather to enjoy.

i think Todd's area was in the 90's over the weekend 

so glad to hear you're slowly returning from the brink, Fox and that you are slowly adjusting to the Votrient 


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Sharon. Yes I am still here and improving.

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Fox, I am SO glad to hear of improvement and your positive attitude. It will be summer soon and you have much to do. Keep pushing along, you have us all cheering you on. I couldn't go up one step without major help when I got out of the hospital last summer. I know the frustration of being so weak and wanting to be back to "normal". One day at a time, my friend! Much love and prayers for your recovery! - Rae

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HI.  I'm new on the board.

Glad to hear you are kicking some a$$.  Hopefully it won't be long till you go for a long ride and have a real beer while playing some tunes....sounds like a good day out.

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Fox, I have been  following your posts since I found this board and you truly are an inspiration. You continue to brighten a path for us here with all your words of encouragement.    Glad to know you are improving,  

keeping you in my prayers  



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