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T-shirt slogans we would love to see

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There are a lot of cancer slogans for T-shirts to be found on the internet. Having had a go round with surgery for prostate cancer, and now having a recurrence, I was looking for somethng regarding prostate cancer. I saw the "Piss on Prostate Cancer" T-shirts,  but for a lot of prostate surviviors, that shirt isn't quite right. After looking at the posts on the prostate forum here, I think a hot seller would be "If you can't piss on prostate cancer, at least dribble on it".    Yeah, I know, but with cancer you have to have a little fun in life, and no, I don't have to dribble on it yet.  Does anyone else have any T-shirt slogans they would like to see?

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Yours made me chuckle.

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I would like to have one for my NPC cancer but can’t think of anything except NPC Sucks



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Since I'm currenty in remission, I'd like to have a "I made cancer my *****" t shirt made. Or maybe a tattoo of it!!

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They were only hood ornamets

they had nothing to do with how the car runs


Bi-lat mastectomy for me..no reconstrustion and my husband came up with this one...



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Love it!!!!!!!!!

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Terri Sue
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That's a great idea! Go for it!

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...how about this: F*** Cancer!


...sorry if it bothered you but it's just how I feel Laughing

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Joined: Feb 2004

I was out for a walk/run this evening, and thought of a new slogan for a T-Shirt that could be popular for all Cancer survivors. If not popular, it would sure get some questions asked if you wore it. The shirt would say:

Cancer Survivors Club of America - parts optional


OK, so it is pretty corny, but would anyone be intersted? If so. send me a message.

Best to all, and keep some humor in your life - cancer hates us to laugh about it!



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I like it!. I'd wear one.

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My kids sent me off to five of my six chemo sessions with a goodie bag that always had a bestseller book, some snacks and a t-shirt with a saying.  Here are the first five "Coffee first then chemo"....."Keep kickin' cancer's ***"(complete with the donkey) ....."One more chemo and I'll glow in the dark"....."keep calm and chemo on"....."Chemo sabe" (with the mask and since I'm half Native American, it's my favorite).. I also have a F**K Cancer ballcap and I'm stronger than cancer t-shirt and ballcap. The one still in the closet says ...."Chemo ..best Brazilian ever!"

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