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The vigil goes on HAS ENDED AT 2 AM TODAY

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jim and i
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12:50 am and the vigil goes on. All the children are here safely. Jim has went through a lot of changes in breathing, temperature and heart rate. I slept well last night know he had good care. I didn't hear the nurse come in three times, Jim's Nurse and Cna last night were angels. So gentle and loving when handling him. I wish they could have been here tonight. Finally got everyone settled elsewhere. granddaughter asleep in recliner I am going to try and get some sleep on the cot. Thanks for your continued prayers.


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Prayers sent out for all your family.

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Are with you and yours... 


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I am just writing to tell you I'm sorry for your loss.  Prayers your way, you were a wonderful caregiver all this time.


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Very sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers your way from Singapore. 


Kent Cass
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   You have my hearfelt condolences. Your comment that you think his Spirit left his body before his last breath is very likely true. The Soul never dies, and may never actually experience the death of the body while within the body. This is consistent with years of research I did in my younger days for reasons of my personal experience following the 16+ days I was "gone" after an accident when I was 13. Of note, many religions believe the Soul has the option to stick around for a few days as a way for said Soul to find closure with those in the life he/she has just left from. Jim might very well be still with you, Debbie. Let him comfort you. All the weight of the world with his C and it's suffering is now gone, and he's the Jim he was in the best of times. He will comfort you, and help you thru this time.



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So sorry to hear this. I am following your post and updates and keeping my prayers for Jim's welness.

He is now in the hands of God and he will make u feel comfort. 

With Condolence,


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So very sorry for your loss.

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jim and i
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Thank you  my CSN family. I find great comfort reading your post and also responding to others post. I have asked God all week what my purpose is now and who can I take care of. Maybe helping other cancer patients will help with the healing. Debbie


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debbie, i'm sure it will help your mind to stay busy and we always appreciate your posts here, so i hope you will hang around.  we will also be here to help you.  you know God has a purpose for you and one day you will know just what that plan is.  it may just be helping other cancer patients, you do good for people when you support and encourage them here.  this may be just what you're meant to do.  i hope you will stick around because people who need to be here will always need encouragement and support to make it thru.  we're glad you're here deb.

God bless you,


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Tonsil Dad
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 Be with Debbie's deceased dear one and with those who have so loved Jim in this world.  Guide him to the light of Your eternal rest and peace, and console those of us who remain with Your strength and love.  May all of us use this difficult time to become a source of support and comfort for one another. 



Debbie we send our sincere condolences.

God Bless


Tonsil Dad.

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every day Debbie, as you adjust to your new normal, may God hold your hand and walk along with you..


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jim and i
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God is surely with me because I would just be a blob of flesh if not. Thanks for all the support and prayers.



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I am glad you and your husband were with the entire familly when the end came. Prayers to you and your familly to stay strong


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