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News from my Dr appt Monday

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Hey everyone! So my Doctor ended up finding another lump in my lymph nodes on the right side of my neck! :(

So now he chose to go the next step up and get me an MRI, I had a CT scan on the 15 of Feb but it didn't come out the best because I am allergic to the dye in the contrast they give you. So I wasn't able to use that. So I am praying that my MRI tomorrow will give me some answers. If he does not choose to give me a biopsy, I am going to go to a specialist 30 minutes out of town that specializes in head/necks and try and "demand" one. I just want the peace of mind at this point. 5 months is way to long dealing with this and I am getting fed up! And I whole heartedly believe that this is not an infection, if it is it has been going on 5 months with multiple antibiotics fighting it and still is there? I don't know.... I am kind of nervous for the MRI though! I am not a fan of confind spaces. I barely got through the CT scan. This is 5 x worse! Haha...but my boyfriend is going to make a playlist and have them play it through the headphones for me! I appreciate all the lovely thoughts/prayers/opinions you all have been giving me. So had my boyfriend! It's nice getting real stories and ideas from people who have generally went through the same thing! I will keep you posted on the results I am not sure when they will be back!


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Hi Manda.  Sorry to hear that you have been this long in finding out what you are dealing with.  I pray you'll get good news.  If you are worried about the confined space of the MRI your doctor can give you a perscription for a single tranquilizer.  I did my first PET scan without because of some misguided macho belief that taking a tranquilizer was giving in.  I got cured of that and have used them when I felt the need.  A CT is quick and fairly open...no need.  For MRI and PET scans I have sometimes asked for one.  I realize it's short notice for the idea.  You can do it without.  The music will help.  I hope all goes well.  God bless  Mac

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Hi Mac.  Just wanted to welcome you to the site - great supportive folks here.

Manda, hopefully you'll get some answers soon and I'm keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you :).  Please keep us posted and hang in there!

Hugs to you both,



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Jim, thanks for the welcome.  I can see that you have made an effort to support a lot of people here.  I'm impressed and you should be proud.  

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Good Luck with your MRI!  I have had many and what helps me is to keep my eyes closed, no peaking!  I haven't had any problems with this method and have avoided meds.

All the best,


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Lol Cathy, 

I do the same thing, close my eyes (difinetly) no peaking! (((Hugs)))



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Hey Liz - love the mariposas but I loved the ten toes smiling too ;). I don't close my eyes during the scans which is unusal I suppose.  I don't like feeling confined and generally don't like small spaces.  I have been tempted to stick out my tongue and make faces at the video camera inside the machine but I don't want to give the technicians grief. I sometimes ask if I can get some salt and lime to go with the tequila like warm feeling from the dye.  

Hugs everybody.

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Hi Manda,


I am so sorry you are going through this. I agree 5 months is way to long, waiting for answers.  I hope that all goes well with your MRI, please do keep us informed and I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Take care.!



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