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found 3 spots in this mornings pet scan

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its been 6 months since the last pet.

3 very small spots one liver, one lung and one spleen.

no feedback from onc's yet, i had the results faxed to my alt gp.

feeling great, i am alive and have a few challenges. possibly more than i bargained for, but it could have been worse.

for the record i have no regrets about my treatments so far, and i look forward to seeing what marvels the conventional system has to offer.

I wish the gcmaf and the seacucumber would have done it, they may help, time will tell.

i have put my alternative accomodation for cancer patients on hold as well as my teaching others qigong. looking at what is the best strategy. when i get my options presented, i will share my plan. until then its off to sleep.

I wish I had better news to share.

i wish the alternatives i have tried so passionately could have delivered a better result, for me , for others, but the race is not over, and the healthy life has been fun and exciting and the next stage of the adventure continues. I will see my three teams of onc next week to see who offers the cheapest price chemo, still favouring the light chemo approach, but i will take all recommendations into consideration before deciding.

i bought a bunch of flowers home to wife, finished work 10.30pm, a big day pet 8am and non stop except for 90 minutes qigong. it really settled my nerves. I gave my son the flowers to give to mum, i like teaching him how to be a gentleman. thats my job. my wife was all smiles. she made me my veg juice when i got home and my organic chicken and veg was waiting for me. i am off vegan and onto ketogenic diet.

my friends many of you have been down this path before, and now so do i. your thoughts and support are always appreciated.


ps not the easiest post to write.

pps http://petertrayhurn.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/8am-pet-today-little-did-i-know-hat-it.html

ppps smile, i am, if my gcmaf and sea cucumber smoothie did not kill me then what chance do a few spots have.

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(((hugs))) Pete...I hope you get the answers you need about your spots and a treatment plan that works for you.


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I am so sorry about your per scan results. You have a great attitude and are an insiration to us all!

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I'm sorry for your recurrence, Pete...that's always where the really tough battles are fought and waged.

I know you have banked alot of energies in your alt treatments...I'm sorry you did not find what you were seeking...

Perhaps, the convergence of the worlds with integrative treatment combined with the traditional western approach will put you back into another clear state.

I hope so.


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Hope the best my friend, keep us informed please about your onc feedback!
Hugs my friend will pray for u!

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alas, if it looks like poo, if it smells like poo and if it tastes like poo, well i think we know what it is.

we are poo experts here, thats our claim to fame.

so with rising cea, so if it lights up the pet, if those spots suck up sugar, the report seemed conclusive , but i will wait and get the offical take on it. never read a pet report before with anything but the word clear before.

i will reply to everyones kind comments in the morning, goto slurp down another seaslug smoothie. I am praying more today as well, prayed a bit during the pet. have alook at skinny pete on the pet machine.

at last the game of hide and seek is over. and the next game can continue.


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Praying for you mate!

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Not the news my husband and I were hoping for.
You have tried everything possible to keep this
monster from coming back.
I agree with Craig to try integrative treatment combined with
traditional western approach.
Keep on fighting.
Wishing you the best always
Many Hugs Linda

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You have put lots of thought, time and energy into your treatment plan and I know you will continue to do so as you move forward and address those three mets. I am praying that all are operable. I had 5 mets all over my liver and had them all surgically addressed. We have lots of people on this board who have successfully treated lung mets and I know I have read of another that had a spleen met removed.

We are all pulling for you Pete. I am glad that you are able to concentrate on your family and enjoy time with them while you are kicking cancer's butt at the same time.

Love to you,

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Pete, I have to just bet that this has been a hard day for you with unwanted news about your scan. You have been very proactive in your battle with this beast. So Sorry to hear about the spots especially in the diverse locations!! However, as you said if the sea cucumber did not do you in then what chance do a few spots have?? Please accept prayers of strength and healing...Art

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Pete - a 'Jersey' girl here - I've been following many posts on this site, yours in particular. Saw your post eastern time early this a.m. and was anxious for you...just came back to 'check on you' and am sorry for the news...but you're on your way to a new plan - one of which I look forward to reading about!

One of my best friends was dx in November 2011 with stage 2....resection done in December and now mets to liver discovered in June...2 lesions....she does her last of 4 treatments monday then off to surgery in a month. I have been trying to locate 2behealed by sending message to her, but no response....is there anyway I can get in touch with her??

Pete - will be sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and everyone on this site.


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Like Pepe asked, are the spots confirmed as cancer? Will they be biopsied? It's possible they might be something else...I too have spots in my lungs but the Dr seem to think it's some sort of scarring and though they can be seen on a CT, they didn't light up on the PET.
Before you get too upset/discouraged, let's find out what they are first.
And if it's cancer, we are all HERE for you, and will help in our diverse ways.

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Sorry that your news isn't better on your scan but maybe you should wait for the doctor's comments on it. Wishing you the best outcome and keep your spirit up. You always have a great attitude.


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Probably a good time to get the PET done. If it is cancer, then 3 spots are "very" small. Seems like all 3 could be surgically removed......well not even that drastic. Lung and liver could maybe be ablated......spleen....maybe cut that one out. While it's never the news we want to hear, it could be a lot worse, because I still believe that all that you have done has been most beneficial.
Please don't feel disheartened or thinking that all you have done has been for nothing. That is just NOT true. ALL of your research can only HELP in going forward. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. I am so proud of you for pushing the boundaries. If we just rely on one way of doing things, what does that accomplish? I know there are answers to this crap, and I wish more funding could go to the real thinkers, the sort of mad-thinking that gets to the root cause. In everything there is trial and error. I greatly appreciate anyone who continues working on real treatments and a cure. It's too bad that they need bodyguards and have to fight their endeavors in a court of law.
Ha - anyway, i have been getting increasingly p@issed off at the red tape......can you tell?
Pulling for ya, Pete, and everyone here.

p.s. been reading bits and pieces of Suzanne Somers latest book .... I think it's called Knockout. Very interesting....her interviews with several doctors. (The title of the book doesn't sound too scientific....but it's very informative.)
There ARE doctors making a difference. We need more of that thinking and persistence. Just need to cut the obstacles that they have to go thru.

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So sorry to hear this news..another hurdle mental and physical..however I believe it is no hill for a climber of your caliber..sending good energy..sean flyguide

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That sucks. I hope you can get a plan with locally curative possibilites together some type of systemic treatments. My experience is resistance but possible.

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I am sorry about the PET results.

As you consult with your teams, please also ask about surgical options. While lung and liver surgeries are sometimes iffy depending on location, I would imagine you could do just fine without your spleen.

By the way, just to show how unique you are, I went looking up crc mets to spleen on the net. In a paper from 2006 there were only 14 documented cases. While the paper was 6 years old, it did highlight how rare that is.

My prayers and best wishes for you in getting a treatment plan which stops this in its tracks.


Marie who loves kitties

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Do not get discouraged. You are our "true pioneer" here, remember. Who's to say that your many alternatives didn't slow this thing down. It's just a truly nasty beast.

Just hoping the docs will have a great plan in mind for you. You can do it.

Will be waiting for your update.



Cathleen Mary
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News like this always takes our breath away for a bit. The best advice I have received on this cancer journey came from a tech helping with one of my scans. She said "Take a day to be upset and then get proactive.". You live this and will do it again. My prayers for NED to be arrived at again soon. Although I am not one of the "alternative people", you have helped widen the lens through which I view treatment. I admire Your commitment to the journey.

God Bless
Cathleen Mary

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maybe it would have been a lot worse without your alternatives. And I hope that your docs can come up with a great plan, hopefully with a focus on surgery. Many hugs coming your way from Seattle~Ann Alexandria

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Well, game time again. Here's to your onc coming up with a successful plan (hoping mine does too)so you can continue raising your beautiful children. Cancer does indeed suck. On to the next round.
Winter Marie

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Pete, Good luck whichever option you select. I am so sorry your results netted 3 spots.
Sending you peace and light..

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Dear Pete,
This sucks, I have no other word. however....... you are a handson kind of man and have tried many things we could only dream about.
Look at Sundanceh story, you will be NED again, just find the best approached and I am sure you will.
Ready for the fight.... then lets GO!!!
Hugs my friend, Marjan

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Keep up the good fight! We are sending you thoughts and prayers from the Mountains in AZ.

As always the battle against the Big C is a juggle of treatments for one's self. We know that you will make good choices for you.

Best Always, mike

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Oh Pete, I was so hoping that your scans would be clear. :-(
I'm cheering for you to get rid of the little buggers, no matter how you do it. Just go get'em.


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Darn it! I am sorry for your recent news. Sending prayers your way! I am not trying to give you false hope and I am sure your PET is accurate but I have to ask...Do you exercise in the days just before your PET? There is a lot of research that you can skew the results if you do this. I am hoping all your complimentary treatments will make chemo easier for you to handle. You are going in strong and that will help. I can't figure out how to PS you but here is my email. I don't mind posting it. lorilepp22@gmail.com. If you would like we can share info on our integrative approach. Stay positive! I know that is so hard. Everytime I get a PET scan I am so hoping for a favorable result and it just doesn't seem to happen. Each time it gets a little harder to pick yourself up after being knocked down. Get knocked down 6 times get up 7! You can do it!

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dear friends,

not joking, these are real kind replies. thankyou.

laying in bed this morning, after a good nights sleep, i realised a few aspects of my journey that i wantted to share.

1. the benefit of the pet, is i can focus on a target, a few now.
2. the cancers were always there, so being pissed by the result is foolish. they were in me, i just did not know where. the old rising cea without scans confirmation is well we are just hopeful that its not cancer but the assumption has to be it dam well is.
3. so no regrets about very hardcore alternatives.
4. the pattern of spots may be related to malaria infection, will research this one day.
5. my stage3 needs to have aggressive anti inflamation approaches ie fish oil lyprinol. and measures to minimise body inflamation, like taking anti malarials, avoiding inflamation and infection.
6. the pattern of appearance is rare, not where main onc was scanning, why ? has my supplement altered this appearance. the liver met in on the surface.
7. i favour aggressive surgery, as long as they leave my lovelly head, the rest can go.
but i may try a few more strategies while that is in place.
8. looking into ukrain, my friends mum is on it, it walls off mets and is approved here for pancreatic
9. funny how these mets appeared about 6 weeks after i started working my arse off and stopped most of my practices, even my enemas. maybe they were really helping.
10. i am in a unique position
11. this is for raquel, waiting until we can see the mets, means we have a target, i can goto get hyperthermia and low dose localised chemo asap, while surgical options are maintained. i hope your chemo works.
12. my goal will be containment, not killing them just yet. i like ukrains abilioty to wall of these tumours, so its claimed. goto check this out.
13. the thalidamide antiangiogenic might also be a drug i will start next week.
14. keeping my hardone health, which i view as my life boat. i am the life boat.
15. focusing on money had to happen, i think the permanent solution is also needed.

I will add more to this, but i have to do my gigong


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Not great results so far mate. I'll pass on the sea slugs but if you must eat them at least call them Beach De Mere ,it sounds so much more exotic. I had a chemo enhancement agent called levamisole. It is an anti parasitic cattle drench. Did it kill cancer .. I don't know but I never had worms . there are unknown side effects to everything ,some good ,some bad. At the very least you have tried them whilst you are reasonably healthy. I don't know whether I would be so adventurous if you are fighting to recover from surgeries and whateever treatments that are prescibed. The liver and lungs are the important ones to beat. My best wishes for your ongoing treatment,Ron.

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Pete, so sorry to read this. Will continue to send prayers your way.

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ahhhh Pete these are not the results any of us want to see....

I join everyone with tears and hugs....gosh you have worked so hard....

but you know Pete....you have learned sooooo much....all of your meditation and working with energy can really really help now.....

just another step in our long journey my friend...

sending love and a prayer Pete


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Oh, Pete. I'm praying the treatment will make a difference!


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I'm so sorry about the recent report. I wish you had better news, but I'm still pulling for you. I hope that your research and the wisdom of doctors and professionals will help guide you in finding the next course of action. Dealing with cancer brings so many ups and downs, and I hope you can only go "up" from here.


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Sorry to hear of your results as know you have been anxious about it considering you ceas lately. I would encourage you to not make any assumptions as to what it all means until you have talked to your team as pet scans do have false positives. I appreciate you know what it Amy mean but when we have part Of the information our mind always has a tendency to sprint down the worst case scenario path. Will be a long weekend for you so keep yourself busy and don't make any decisions about things till you have all the info.

I will be hoping to clarity for you next week and my thoughts are certainly with you,

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one step back...two steps forward..

"Keep on keeping on!" (2behealed)


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or should i say a few tough spots. haha! my tumour needs as much work as my spelling. sorry thats a typo, i meant to say humour. there i go again.

i have read everyones kind replies, and showed the wife. sometimes she must wonder about my posts and research as you all do. sometimes i even wonder myself.

learning how to do my qigong and meditate well, i got these skills just when i needed them.

i prised peace of mind above all else, i have to admit the old realisation that i am mortal has been everpresent this weekend. i think sometimes i loose focus on how fragile our health and life is. but also in that fragility is our strength.

spent the best night tonight snuggled with wife and kids watching "naria" , life is just too great, to loose sight of that greatness even for a few hours is kind of disrespectful to all our friends at peace who have touched our lives. most recently jennie, and all our other friends here on csn and around me at home.

the bond i feel between us all is so strong, despite our differences of opinion on carrot verus steak, or chemo versus tea. in the scheme of life our sharing our journey amongst friends that understand and can emphasise is what precious here. i am confident we will always preserve it.


ps i got something out of every comment. thanks again.

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Pete, I am sorry to read your results. But know you'll come up with a good plan and keep on going full tilt. Sending love, light and hugs your way.


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Kenny H.
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Yep sorry to hear this Pete.
At least they are small and are on it quick.
Keeping my fingers crossed myself as have not had any chemo since Jul 2nd. Getting full scan tuesday. Having 2nd (right side) lung surgery Wed. From there who knows.My nodules in lungs are small also (4 total from 7mm to 1cm)just hoping no spots show up somewhere else, they wanted to keep me off chemo to help control bleeding in surgery.
Stay strong as I know your the biggest fighter, hopefully you can get them removed surgically also.

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i have been reading all of your posts & i can tell you have a kick *** attitude. you are always so upbeat & positive. you really help the rest of us to stay positive so i thank you for that! i know you will fight this with all you got & you know we are all with you in the fight! prayers for you every nite.
lots of hugs

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You were dx about the same time I was so I feel you are a kindred spirit in this journey. Because I too used chemo diet, meditaton, prayer, exercise, Tai Chi as I completed the first line chemo Folfox, I have read all your posts. I am so sorry you have this new development in your journey.

I have links to an influencial Qigong Instructor in Minneapolis MN and I would encourage you to continue the healing effects in your journey no matter what the future brings.


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Awwwe Pete sorry your scans were not clear.....wait till the results are in and see what onc.s assessment is.

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Hi Pete: I'm on the same road as you and know what you are going through. Remember though that PET scans can be misinterpreted - "bright spots"can be non-cancerous just areas of high cell activity. Thinking of you.

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personally i prefer the term rare.

i think marie mentioned this, i have started digging and researching.

see the pubmed below.

http://www.wjso.com/content/4/1/42/ the discussion here is really good.

Now why the spleen ? what role the supplements for or against ?
Now my lymphocytes have always been low. they are stored in the spleen.
I love to play doctor, I am keen to see what the onc's have to say.

i found this info on msm's blog, my first impression is now i have a few targets to go in gentley at first and save the big guns when and if needed. this is just my feelings even before i have done the rounds of onc's here and the surgeons. of course surgery also sounds very good if its an option.

just some hyperthermia costs and treatment options

Isolated splenic metastasis from colorectal cancer.
Abi Saad GS, Hussein M, El-Saghir NS, Termos S, Sharara AI, Shamseddine A.
Department of Surgery, American University of Beirut Medical Center, Riad el Solh, Beirut, Lebanon. ga17@aub.edu.lb
Splenic metastases are unusual, arising in less than 1% of all metastases. Isolated solitary splenic metastasis from colorectal carcinoma is considered exceptional. This rarity has been explained by several hypotheses relating to the anatomical, histological, and immunological features of the spleen. We review the reported cases of isolated solitary splenic metastasis from colorectal carcinoma and discuss the diagnostic and therapeutic options for this entity. We searched the English-language medical literature, using the Medline and Pubmed databases from January 1966 through July 2010, for articles reporting isolated splenic metastasis from colorectal carcinoma. Only 26 cases have been reported; four cases had synchronous splenic metastasis. Fifteen patients had regional lymph node involvement on diagnosis of primary carcinoma. The primary tumor was located in the left colon or in the rectum in 18 cases. Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) level was elevated in 73% of cases. All patients underwent curative splenectomy; only one patient had laparoscopic resection of the spleen. Mean reported survival interval was 19.5 months; only three patients were deceased at last follow-up. Solitary splenic metastasis from colorectal carcinoma is very rare; clinicians are advised to pay close attention when routinely evaluating patients with serial CEA levels and abdominal scans. Splenectomy seems to be the preferred treatment modality with improvement of long-term survival. However, definitive conclusions cannot be drawn from the small number of case reports available.

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I have it in my spleen, every weirder is that my colon tumor was on the right side.....I have no clue why my surgeon didn't remove my spleen when he was in there doing colon resection.....folfiri calcified it, but on last scan it's active again.

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Dear Pete,
Was saddened to hear about your pet scan! I will be praying for good news from your onc and a good plan for moving forward. You were one of the first to welcome me and give me possible answers. I really appreciated you reaching out! One of my favorite scripture verses that gives me comfort and peace is Psalm 34:18 "The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit" I pray He gives you a peace that passes all understanding as you wait!

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I read your post on Friday and didn't know what to say. I still don't but I wanted you to know that I am thinking about you. You are such an upbeat person and you touch so many lives on this board - off this board too, I'm sure of that. Keep smiling and researching. And most of all, keep us posted......I'm sure you will.
Big Hug to you!

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thats my style sometimes....

so i have i think my financial problems fixed, got access to retirement savings, goto have some advantages with the good old terminal prognosis. now thats just what the doctors say, but its helped remove alot of pressure.

I have uploaded my pet cd, my surgical patholgy and emailed them to some hospitals internationally.

I have offered my brotherinlaw the management of our business and the trustee of the kids trust. yes setting all this up now, well inadvance, so no pressure down the track.

i have off loaded most of the business activities to subcontractors as well as management.

I am seeing potential house keeper to help with the kids while wife and I are off seeing surgoens and oncologists. my wife has been out of the doctor loop mainly becuase she was running our business, now thats been resolved she can at least hear first hand and ask any and all questions to the doctors on the spot.

tomorrow will be another great day regardless.

went out tonight to a tv show comedy, i was in the front row. i had a great laugh. Then my brotherinlaw and i went out to a great chinese seafood restaurant and i had vegetables and sea cumcumber. it was fantastic. anticancer to the end, whenever that is. hopefully along long long way away!

I learnt that with home lending, ie getting more funds, its best to do it before your progression is viewed as terminal. getting a financial plan in place well in advance of any recurrence is a good strategy.

thanks for caring everyone. I am privileged to count you as friends.

over the coming days i will be drawing on your wealth of experience of cyber knife, dendritc cell vaccines. etc etc.

the pet scan report is on the blog, if you want to read it, its pretty yuk though.

Oh and today i started the navy protocol, thanks tony! still here!!


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but I read your PET results, and honestly, once you get over the extreme disappointment that anything at all is there, it's not that bad! Whack out that liver bit, the entire freaking spleen can go if it has to, and as for the lung thingie...maybe that's not even cancer? I don't think I've ever seen anyone with a cancerous bit that had an SUV of 1.1 And even if it is, whack that out too, and you're good to go. No lymph nodes lit up, which is awesome. Maybe that's where your alternatives really did make a difference. A few cancer cells got out and got a foothold, but your lymph system is still going strong. You're going to kick cancer's butt, Pete. I'm feeling confident about this. Ann Alexandria

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dear ann Alexandria,

i appreciate the positive perspective, i was measuring up the coffin today. what a fool i am, as you say, so much good going on for me, i am ungrateful for what i have. I will contemplate acceptance tonight in my new far infared sauna.

its ok to be a little different. it makes the board an exciting place to visit.

its just i hoped the carrots would beat the crc! alas. but I got red carrots now and a few other tricks up my sleave!

anyway thanks for reading pet. lots to ponder in my little case study.

lets assume my supplement/nutrient rich diet filled my blood with anti cancer stuff that protected liver and organs. so now the crc cells left over from the op 2 years ago have grown, you know the doubling time algorithm.

you can download the whole cd and check out the spots.

your analysis is what i thought from reading the report.

but the doctors explanation was chilling.

i just saw onc and surgeon today.

it seems the spread has been contained to the periteonum.

the message is its contained in the peritoneum. doctor morris is a top liver guy who does the mitomycin chemo bath while they ripe out your peritanum. they may kill you in the process, serious op about 10 hours. in my mind 70 days and counting to the biggest cut of them all. I am already committed to grabbing this curative option, if my last ditch alternative binge cannot get the markers to go down then I will go the hardcore surgery. If 5 hours a day qigong and my alt csan cure me, then i will skip the surgery.

the pre op pet in say 3 months will support the movement of cea.

from the surgical team it maybe curative and the lung thingy well lets cyberknife.

looks like going to india to get cyberknife, not available in australia, in india may also get dedredic cell vaccine and hyperthermia treatment. considering this for fun, now i have some tumours they can make a vaccine out of. its about $15,000 all up so its not huge money. And i have never been to india. slumdog millionaire is the kids favourite movie.

actually hammering all the alts a bit harder, yes its possible.

contemplating the avastin/5fu free chemo offer.

it could fit in to the 8 week preop trial to shutdown any growth.

I got to get an appointment to see doctor morris, get his opinion about my pet.

lets just have fun.


ps looks like the gcmaf nagalase result is not an indicator for me, i knew about this possibility but i thought i would include it here.

pps http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20232161 this says it all, these are the questions for the hipec surgeon.
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18726900 some interesting stats

ppps http://jco.ascopubs.org/content/30/18/2287.2.full this is chilling but i need to know. yuk!

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I have kept up with the porgress and am pleased you have seen your team today for their assessment rather than simply relying on your own interpretation of the results. I was concerned to read of you making radical changes to your life around your work and finances so quickly and before any clear plan is made. I know this is your style and approach to this situation and I have a part of me that works like that too. It is a part I need to control and have learnt to listen to others when they tell me to STOP which is something I would gently advise you to consider at this moment too.

These growths have been there for a while and the decisions you make about how to manage them will be critical. There is a part of you that is very rational and likes to gain a wide range of good opinions and consider all your options. However, there is also another part of you that jumps into decisions quickly and immediately on impulse- it is this part you need to control at this moment. This is the time to allow the more rational PEte to take over anc calmly assess your options before making decisions. That includes about treatments, your family, your lifestyle and your finances. There is no need for immediate decisions and you have time to gather information and knowledge as well as contemplate and discuss your options with people you trust. These are some of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Stop and take the time in making them. Writing ideas and options here is often a great way to order your thoughts and gain others opinions- perhaps a good thing for you to do over the next period.

My thoughts are with you Pete but more than anything I hope you find the strength to keep your head together and use the calmer more rational parts of you to slowly explore the way forward for you and your family.


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I like your advise, somethings we move quick on, others we move slow on. The tumour doubling rate is a little scary though. i would hate to see a months delay make the surgical option non viable.

but getting written opinions and quotes takes time, geting medical visa takes time, updating wills and completely handing over the business takes time. so i will take my time and meditate in my sauna.

so still trying the newest antiangiogenic mix see the navy protocol, i am still here.

got my tallberg powders today, not sure how to take them, waiting on instructions.

my head is together, the pressure i am under is immense, but its not something i real discuss here much. my wife has ocd, I have made updated arrangements for the families welfare in the event of my passing. the planned op is very serious. I have decided to hit the operating table with all my affairs inorder. in fact i am considering everyday now as preparation for this surgery which is vast.


ps waiting still gives time for a few existing and new alternates to come to the rescue, but i am not holding my breathe.

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At our differences, I find I have tumors that are "large" as my onc kept putting it, yet I remain calm. I know I'll do the chemo and have the surgery. I expected this because I've seen it over and over here on our site. I didn't hit panic mode, I'm not going out of my mind and worrying and I don't even do tai chi (although I'm considering it again, if I find I have the patience and have tried it in the past) to calm my mind, because my mind remains calm. It's totally different then the first time I heard the words "you have cancer, I'm sorry"... this time no shattering earthquake, no "why me's" coming out of my mouth, no questioning the Gods, not one tear or tearing out of a hair on my head. Just acceptance that crap happens and I'll deal with it the best I can.
I hope you can get to this non-desperation point at some time Pete, it's a calmer more serene world, I'm going on life as usual, doing the chemo and going to school at the same time, keeping schedules and mind on ordinary, because I guess it isn't a shock to find cancer invading my world again.
Pete, take a minute and smell a rose, or a daisy or any kind of flower and try and relax a moment or two, don't let the stress get to you, it isn't worth it.
Hoping you find a bit of peace(mine hasn't cost me a dime),
Winter Marie


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