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Sundance Audition on YouTube for Dr. Phil Show - "Real Life Do-Overs" (Project Now Dedicated to Dear Jenny)

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This weekend became about honoring departed friends who made a lasting impact on my life. Jennie’s passing has stirred some deep emotions – the last things she told me via text were “in hospital with infection”….and "looking forward to all of the stuff you are doing for the new Sundance venture.”

Sadly, she did not get a chance to read any of that – and I was working on a special project that I finished up over the weekend that I was hoping she could see when she got better – this was a couple of days before I knew of her passing and I had already completed it and released it.

In keeping with the spirit that was the light of Jennie, I wanted to pick up her fallen torch and carry it forward and dedicate this recent project of mine to her memory, because I know she would never give up.


In a new cooperative venture, The Sundance Channel has now partnered with YouTube and is proud to present you with the first installment of this new channel over on their network.

My new channel on the YouTube dial is – “TheSundanceChannelCH”

Our first show, now playing, is the Sundance Audition for the Dr. Phil Show – “Real Life Do-Over.”

My wife saw an episode last week, where Dr. Phil was offering ‘real-life do-overs’ for an upcoming segment in one of his shows that will be aired on tv. Contestants were asked to submit a video to Dr. Phil and his staff and explain why they would like a Do-Over.

My submission was me asking Dr, Phil for a do-over in helping me with getting my book published, so I could spend whatever time I have with my second life, using that platform to help other folks who find themselves in the same shoes as I did.

In the video, there was one secret that I was holding onto, until I got the book deal inked, but in explaining my motives behind my desires for the project, I told them on how I got the book title – and how I honored another friends’ memory in that process – this is something that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time – seems like the right time now.

I’m all about my friends…and holding onto their memories…

Here is the link to my audition tape for the Dr. Phil show for those that would like to follow along…


If you have a Google account and would like to leave a comment, please do so if you would like to participate in this, I would appreciate and could use the support.

If not, well, just watch the video and watch me futz up another golden opportunity:)

It won’t be the first time you’ve seen me fail and fall on my face – likely, not the last time either:)

But, at least I’m trying – any way that I know how…

If you are interested, please help me get this video noticed by watching and or commenting – so that it has a chance – a chance is all that we can really ask for - right?

I’m just going to hope for the best with this project and hope I get a call to appear on Dr. Phil's show and keep the battle against cancer moving forward – Jennie’s passing has once again, made it very personal for me to get our message out.

Kindest regards during this most difficult time for all of us and still your friend.


The Sundance Channel
"Story Matters There"

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Dear Anna P.

I saw you post a comment on my YT video. I must say that I was very touched and moved, because I know you took the time to register a profile, so that you could post your lovely, supportive comment.

That right there says so much to me…

I hope that you stop back in a moment and happen to catch this response to you – Thank You!!!

When I read what you wrote, I’m reminded of all the times that we’ve talked. One of my favorite all time imageries that I have off from this board, is the scene of you and dear Frank rolling down the highway with the Santa Craig tunes playing – and you two singing along and passing the long miles to treatment together – in person and in spirit.

I never have any idea when I do something for anyone, that it will ever have any real, everlasting impact on one’s lives. I always figure I’m like something disposable that you use and then toss away.

I never see myself as meaning anything permanent or making an etching into another person. It’s from how I was raised and grew up. I just never seemed to matter enough to anyone.

I always felt like I had a lot of love to give – but, just nobody to give it to – and certainly nobody that would ever want it. That was, until I met the folks here in this part of our world – folks like you and Frank – and a host of so many others here – past & present.

But, I’ve always thought that more than the price of something – it’s the giving of ourselves that people will cherish…that knowing that a particular someone was on your mind at that time and one felt the innate need to reach out and touch someone….that is what is most important.

So, your story continues to resonate with me to this very day. Because, you’ve often told me how much the SC cd meant to you and Frank…and hearing that story always fills my heart with a joy that is indescribable.

It was a simple little thing – but it touched many lives on here, including yours and Frank’s. And I will always hold that special memory of you two in my heart, wherever I will go – forever.

Thank you so much for checking in on us – and thanks so much for staying up with me, when I know you got a million other things to do:)

I’ve been blessed with the loyalty of friends like you….we all spent time here together in one of the most wonderful, special times of the board’s existence, at least for me. What a cast of characters that were roaming the halls in those days

I just can’t thank you enough for your friendship and continued support. Your testimony was strong and powerful. All of the comments were that way. It is a testament alone to what our group can do when we join together.

Bless you as you continue to move forward – and say hi to Frank for me the next time he is on your mind…it always made me feel good that he wanted to know about me.

Love always,

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on a great and inspiring video! Glad I kept the tissue box close by!

Best wishes!


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Hi Ellen!

Thank you so much for watching!

My goldie says hi too...the last year we are finally getting to know each other...I was so sick the first 15-months of his life, I was just like a boarder in a rent house...he didn't know who I was...and I was too sick to be anything that I needed to be for him when he was a puppy.

I see some Sundance in Harley now:)

Thanks again and continued best wishes!


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I just wanted to touch base one more time and say thanks again for all those who have participated. The numbers keep incrementing, so I'll keep hoping...

I'll keep trying to find a way to light a match to this thing, so it can take off.

I'll post again if anything ever comes out of this - one way or the other.

Until that day, thank you for all of your support!


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I check on the board every couple of days. My life was totally changed when cancer came into it. I keep up with how everyone is doing. Yes I have gone forward...I have even remarried but Frank was my first love and now Paul is my last love. I have retired and plan on trying to do some volunteer work at our local cancer center. I hate cancer but it taught me so many
valuable lessons and gave me so many amazing friends like you. I posted your site to my facebook page. Your book is so NEEDED ...you have a great gift with words and with all that you have been through you can help so so many people. If ever there is anything I can do to help you let me know. I will do whatever I can whenever I can to help you!! You have brought so many happy memories and joys into my life. I too will never forget Frank's face filled with happiness and joy while singing along with your cd. You do have alot of love to give and you give it everyday on the board. I keep you always in my thoughts and prayers. You are a light to those of us that come here for knowledge, hope, and constant encouragement. I too am a Texan! I sure hope that someway or somehow your book becomes published. It will be the best gift you could ever give to someone with cancer or their family. I know you won't but never give up...YOUR BOOK IS NEEDED just like YOU ARE NEEDED!!
Love always,
Anna Proctor Howard

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I watched your video and your sincerity and care shines through. I do hope that you "get that chance" to tell your story to so many others.
In the Light,

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great video. I admire your strength. I hope You get this chance. I would love to buy your book... Best of luck Craig,,,

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I watched the video and thought you did a nice job. Your oral skills equal your written ones. I will have to say that you make me ashamed of how much time I have spent wallowing in my own self pity. You are truly a role model for me. Maybe today I will try to look outside myself. Lisa

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I've missed you!

Completely understand why you made a jail break out of here though.

I'm so happy you got to see the tape...made my day:)

You know, Lisa, the world has been trying to still my voice ever since that prof yanked my chords all those decades ago.

My attempts so far have been thwarted at every turn...Dr. Phil is a chance...I'm way behind the others in hits but still hoping it's the message that counts...don't know what they will base the decision on.

Thanks for watching and glad you liked it!

Your praise humbles me...I'm just a guy trying to figure it out.

Stay in touch...I might need you on my campaign trail:)



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Oh Craig,
I think you are amazing. Your heart and words amaze me continually. I just watched the video and all I can say is you are awesome!


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I am sooo glad that you got to see this video...so much wanted you to see it:)

Here's to all of our friends...I fight on for their memory!


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Sundance...just watched your video....to say I was moved would be an understatement. How do I get in touch with you (personal e-mail?) as I would like to help you if I can with your graphics and/or getting a few samples of your book printed in finished form.

Really touched by the CSN site on many levels. I've been a 'lurker' for many months...best friend has colon cancer with mets to liver. Many suggestions and inspirations I share with her from this site.

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Thank you so much for watching and for your offer to help. You can pm me and we can talk about it.

I'm having to be careful with the manuscript until I can get it copyrighted...but, a cool idea would be to have a mock-up cover with the graphics and fonts. It might be a useful prop and a good visual to have if I ever get the opportunity.

Would be pretty cool to take that to the Dr. Phil show:)

I appreciate your interest and I'm leaving all the doors wide open!

I'm sorry about your friend, but hopefully you are telling her that there is many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip:)


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I am really late to the party, but am in a space where I just don't check in quite as often since 1) my 3 yr old is a madman, 2) my husband had his 2yr scan (since his lung surgery) come back clear and 3) I started my own business and it's been hectic to say the least... But, this place will always be like an extended family to me so I do try to check in, though I very rarely post anymore.

Well, I watched your video and your sincerity and genuine desire to help others just had me in tears. You are an absolutely wonderful person and the world is a better place because of you. I had to end my streak of not posting to come on and tell you that regardless of whether dr Phil picks you or your book sells millions of copies, you have already had such a huge impact, and your life has meant something... Something big... To so many of us.

As someone who hasn't posted a whole lot or had much interaction with you, I just thought you should know your words reach a lot further than you think.

Thank you :)



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