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** Hobbies? Pastimes? What do you do when you aren't here? **

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Yes I am being snoopy, so tell me...what do you do when you aren't here?

Enquiring minds want to know LOL

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I also love to read. I also garden, run, walk, ride my bike, scrapbook, play with my cats, watch TV, tutor, cook, & sew. I volunteer a lot in my community also. This summer I am helping out with grandkids, too.

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Love being outside when the weather is nice, like now. We have a small vegetable garden and I also have flowers in beds and in pots, which keeps me busy watering and weeding.

We love to entertain outside with friends and family and also enjoy going to others for a cookout or a big campfire at night where we all sit around, have a few drinks and talk and laugh.

We walk and ride our bikes together which is always fun.

We used to go to the movies quite often, but, there is never anything out there anymore that interests us. The last movie we saw and loved was The Help at a theatre, so, we use Netflix a lot.

Thanks for an interesting post Susie.

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When I am not at work, I like to be outside. To walk, hike, yard work, walk the dog. One of our favorite walk/hikes is from Baker Beach to the Golden Gate Bridge. I also have 3 grand kids. We all went to Wisconsin for Memorial Weekend. It was great! We went to the zoo and had barbeques and just played! My aunt and her son are great cooks! In three days I gained 2 pounds!
Ok, I kind of forgot the thread. With the grand kids we go to the museum, the zoo, the rec center, hockey lessons. They are so awesome.
I also like to read but usually it's pre-school books to my grand daughter. I prefer sci-fi/fantasy but I will read just about anything.


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I spent last weekend getting the summer garden in -- this year, I'm trying zucchini, red bell peppers, tomatoes, basil, and 3 kinds of sunflowers (I love sunflowers), in addition to my year-round herb garden.

I've been taking bellydance classes for 5+ years now -- great core workout, WAY more fun than crunches, and SHOPPING comes along with it, all those jingly hip scarves, pretty veils, finger cymbals...

My latest obsession is couponing....yes, kind of like those people on the Extreme Couponing show, except that I do NOT have 10 years' worth of paper towels stockpiled, and I have NEVER spent 5 hours at the grocery store or bought 100 bottles of hot sauce! But I do have a meticulously organized coupon binder that's so heavy I can barely lift it, and I'm regularly saving about $50 a week just in coupons. Any other couponers here?


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No, I am not a couponer Traci, but, I know some that are. Saving $50 is a lot of money per week. So, WTG!

That's cool that you belly dance! I bet it is a great workout!

Sue :)

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So, I have played sports all my life...was really worried when I had my surgeries last year that I wouldn't be able to play ball anymore...but so far so good this year...I play slow-pitch on a ladies team...And I love it!! I'm 44 and after a weekend tournament sometimes think I'm getting too old. (lol) but I enjoy it so much...

I also like to go to the casino...when I'm there, nothing else matters...all of my worries go away & it's just me time...it's a wonderful break from reality...

Other than that, I spend my time with my two kids...at a hockey rink in the winter and a soccer field in the summer...I love to watch them and scream and cheer...

This idea was fun...:)


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Thanks Susie! This idea was really fun and I've enjoyed reading all of the posts too.

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You are so welcome Debby M. I have really liked reading all of the posts too from the pink sisters. This was fun!

Now, what should I ask next? lol

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ice-cream! I am on a mission to feed everyone homemade ice-cream whenever I can. Looove going to the farmer's market, picking up fruit and brain storming some idea. The latest is peach mascarpone with honey cinnamon caramel. I was thinking of roasted plum or pluots with walnuts and honey.

Then it is crochet, and currently I am dying silk scarves actually because I need them for the mosque but it has got me thinking of how I could possibly help BC chemo patients. I like the silk because it soft and light, great on hot days in the summer.

Photography is something else I love doing as is watching junky TV shows and eating chocolate.

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Megan M
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I love home made ice cream but haven't had it in a long time! I need to meet you Mariam! lol

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Not that I am always a green thumb but it does result in some exercise and sunshine. Next thing is canning the food. My dh says this is my hobby but it is too much work to call a hobby. It does however save money and I am definately into that. It also allows me to control my diet better. I play solitare on the computer and make a bargain with myself to get up and do a few house chores after a certain number of games depending on how much work there is. When the grandchildren are around I pick on them and they pick back (all in good fun of course). Until i had to give up the internet I did a lot of Facebook and will still venture there when I go to the library as it allows me to catch up with out of town relatives.

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This isn't a hobby or a pasttime yet, but, my hubby and I are going to go snowboarding this winter. We ski, but, never snowboarded, so, this should be interesting, and, hopefully not dangerous. lol

Anyone else ever snowboarded?

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Well, well...I'm afraid I do too much facebook. But I also work a full time job. I have 4 pets (3 guinea pigs and a cat) that I spend time with and enjoy. I love cooking so when I get home after work, I go straight to the kitchen to cook. I also ride my bike for exercising and sometimes write. I wish I spent most of my time writing which is about the only thing I really enjoy doing the most.


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I work in a Stained Glass Shop teaching Fused Glass Art. I also do this form of art for our home and gifts. I'm looking as selling some of my work in the near future. I also create rubber stamped, die cut and mixed media cards for personal use mostly. I'll start soon to work on this years holiday cards.

Other things I enjoy is reading, cooking (but hate my kitchen (: narrow and small). This kitchen makes it unenjoyable to be in it and cook. This is one of the many rooms we were going to fix with the two year plan to remodel, update and sell. That was 14 years ago, so...not on plan.

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Ann65? Your picture, is that some of your art? It is beautiful!

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Hi all, just came across this site and this is the first message thread I have read/scanned through. I work at a cat sanctuary and really enjoyed all of the cat avatars I saw in this thread.

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I just recently have started crocheting. I am not sure that I will continue as it takes a lot of patience, but, am hoping I can. Donna on here inspired me to make some hats for chemo patients.


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I am thinking of starting quilting. They offer classes locally and I think I might like it. I guess if I don't, I am not out too much. Anyone here quilt?

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work at school, take care of things at home, read, write, travel (not like I used to), be involved on committees, spend time with family and friends, work on my family history

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My husband is my hobby and pastime! lol When it's nice I do love to work in the yard, love watching football in the Fall all curled up with my hubby on the couch, taking walks in the snow and having snowball fights, or, making snow angels. Pretty much anything, I enjoy.

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I love to crochet scarfs. I do alot of christmas arts and crafts thru out the year to give away as gifts. I love to read. But my #1 thing that I love to do is genealogy. I love finding out where my ancestors came from.


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I woodcarve. I mostly make walking sticks with woodspirit faces below the handles.

I also play guitar, used to be semi professional but now it's mora of a hobby.


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