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Please help

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My mother had vaginal melanoma four years ago. She had a surgery and took Interferon for a year. She did a pet ct scan a week ago and it showed a mesenteric nodule measures 1.2 cm in the left side of the abdomen. What are the treatment options for her. Please help. Thank you.

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There are several treatments she can do...I am currently NED ( no evidence of disease) I had radiation, took Temodar and had surgery. I also am enrolled in a anti pd 1 trial with peptides at Moffitt Cancer Center with Dr Weber.

Perhpas go to melanoma.org and visit where all the posters either have melanoma or provide care for a loved one with melanoma.Our treatment is different from other cancers...thanks, Lynn

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I'm in a Phase I trial at Moffitt also (headed up by Dr. Weber). It's an IV infusion and seven leg injections. I wonder if we were in the same trial? I am also currently NED an hope to stay that way.

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National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD has free clinical trials, after you are accepted they will pay your plane fare. I was on TIL and it works on 70% of people. Not me, they think because I had biochemo. go there if you can. Best.

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I am going to write them and let them I am an unhappy patient of UCLA and I will let them think about helping me.
I am recovering melanoma pt now but who knows about the future, good to plan.

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