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How Was Your Breast Cancer Found? With A Mammo, Self Exam or What?

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I think this discussion has been posted before, but, I thought I would ask again how my pink sisters found out they had breast cancer.

♠♣ Susie ♠♣

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Yearly mammo

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Yearly mammo too, which a friend had to nudge me to get on time.


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Self exam which was then confirmed by mammogram.

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My bc was found on a mammogram.


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But it took 6 months after being told a fibrous cyst that my health was failing me quickly. It wasn't till another lump grew to size of golf ball in a week that I was finally taken seriously and stage 3 was found. I actually have found all my lumps since and after this last one I am up to 5 since my treatments and so far none have come back cancerous. Most doctors don't feel them but they have shown up on altra sounds so they are there. One has to still be checking and monitoring aches and pains and get things looked at if still bothering us after a month or so. I am just having another altra sound too see about the my newest lump found.

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annual mammo ... thank goodness. I'd had a breast reduction about 5 years earlier ... so there's so much scar tissue etc ... I NEVER would have found it myself.


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Double Whammy
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Yearly mammogram.

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Megan M
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Mine was found thru my yearly mammogram too.

Hugs, Megan

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my friend had many cysts over years had them removed. Well a year ago she found another and mammogram and ultra sound said cyst..six months later another mamo and ultra sound still said nothing to worry about.She decided to see a surgeon to have it removed.It came back cancer..so if you feel you dont like the doctors saying cyst have it removed

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You always have the best posts Susie! Found thru the mammo.


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Initial diagnosis was through self exam.
Recurrance was due to pain in abdomin, ribs and hips.

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mammo ( which I hadn't done in 8 years). Shame on me!

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Thru my yearly mammo.

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I found it myself, followed by sono, then biopsy, then MRI, then tears, then surgery, then surgery again, now going to see my Onco for Chemo, then RAD.

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I turned 40, and my gynecologist said -- okay, time to go in for your baseline mammogram. And the roller coaster ride began....

I had 4 tumors total -- they were all so tiny and so deep that no one was ever able to feel them in an exam (and believe me -- by the time I got to surgery, every medical professional in the San Fernando Valley had tried!). Mammography really did well by me.

So, as far as I (and my oncologist) are concerned, the recent recommendation that women don't need to start mammograms until 50 is a big heaping load of horse you-know-what -- I don't want to even think about what those 4 tumors would have been doing 10 years on.


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Megan M
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I think it is horrible too Traci that some committee decided that women don't need mammo's before age 50. By then, a lot of women will be fighting for their lives.


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could not be felt...happy I caught it so early

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I found mine while i was making out with my husband ;) I was also told it was a fibrous adenoma by the 1st Dr i went to. My gynecologist ordered up a mammogram, followed by ultrasound & core biopsy.
My mom's was found during her annual mammogram. Dr. noticed changes from the previous year.

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(so far, at least -- come on, anybody else got something naughty...?)

Although, Heather...it would have been even MORE naughty if it wasn't your husband....

:-o Traci

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Traci, I haven't told my story yet. LOL

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LMAO @ Traci's comment!

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Found both of them in each breasts myself mammo's normal...

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The right breast was done every 6 months due to previous microcalcifations, but this was in the left, done annually.


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I had a mammo and they found something they didn't like. The core biopsy determined it was bc.


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my DR did not like what she felt so sent me for my first Mammo at the age of 35, then the ride began

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Self exam!Mammo missed my 2cm lump!

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Thru a mammogram.

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A yearly mammo. Noone felt it, not even drs.

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My mother was thru a mammo. Mine I felt about 2 months before my yearly mammo.

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Kristin N
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A yearly mammo detected microcalcifications, which turned out to be bc.

♥ Kristin ♥

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I found it...but not a lump. I found swelling in my armpit. It was pretty big, about the size of a large navel orange. That was a Monday night, I saw my primary doc on Tues. He sent me for a mammo and ultrasound the same afternoon. Did the biopsy on Wed, and confirmation on Thursday.

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but then we're both IBC so that's a bit to be expected. I found a 'lump' under arm. Called my PA and saw her about a week after finding it. During that time - breast enlarged and nipple inverted, lump under arm increased too. (Not unusual with iBC as it is very aggressive.) Saw her in the morn, went for mammo at 1, also wound up with sonogram and biopsies that afternoon. PA and the Radiologist both said that they were sure it would be IBC but he said he'd call in the morning after he had the path. He called at 8 am and it was.


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Different Ballgame
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Found in annual mamo. Calcification which ended up being 0 stage DCIS.


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I am pretty much like everyone else, found on a mammogram.

Sue :)

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While taking a shower. It felt like the size of a small egg and seemed to suddenly appear.

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which I had not done for several years. My pc dr's office called and reminded my husband that I needed to get one done.


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My breast turned red and I had a little swelling. I went to see my doctor on Monday, had a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy's on Wednesday. I found out that all of the samples were cancerous on November 17, 2010 and was formally diagnosed with IBC on Novemember 22, 2010.

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Yearly Mammo showed an enlarged lymph node & dense breasts...so they called me back for an ultrasound...found lump...radiologist said it was likely fibroadenomas and to follow up with another ultrasound in 6 mths...

My GP said if you really want one, I'll ok a biopsy...I said yes since I was really worried (sis with BC)

Biopsy showed suspicious of BC. Final lumpectomy confirmed mucinous BC, just did sentinal node biopsy...waiting for path results...get them next week...

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first one while pumping during breast feeding, second one shower (local recurrance) third one shower. third one was lobular not always foung on mammo, that is why I advocate for MRIs once a year.

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Good luck with your path report next week Survivor73. Please update us!

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So glad that you went ahead and had the biopsy Survivor! We have to be our own advocates.

Hugs, Debby

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I had said to my husband just about a week before my reminder card, "I gotta go in for a mamogram. Something isn't right. The timing was impecable.

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However, my lump was painful whenever I wore a bra, so I knew something was terribly wrong! I pushed for earlier GYNO appointment, mammo appointment etc. I was right.

Vicki Sam

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not my idea of it. But in the end it lead to a whole lot of
self- discovery alright!

And just for kicks for Tracy, I was in the jungle and was taken
hostage by cannibals, luckily their cook found the lump in my
breast and declared me not edible.


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LOL, aysemari! :)

I felt something like a bb in my rt. side. Gyne ordered a mammo & ultrasound ... what I felt was dense breast tissue, it was the other side where they found 'calcifications' that turned out to be DCIS.

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Took the time to go for a annual physical (take care of both parents and work full time plus kids grandkids etc)and doc found it christmas present can't seem to find a receipt to return it to the store =:) Di

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Thank you Ayse! The least the rest of you could have done was to make up a good story about cannibals, or alien experiments, or being caught in a compromising position with a traveler from another dimension -- geez, SOMETHING!

:-) Traci

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found a mass at my annual visit. I was already scheduled for yearly mammo the next day and had biopsy done in surgeon's office 2 days later. Bilateral mastectomy 4 weeks later after many tests and biopsies.

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Because of family history for the last few years, my gyn has ordered a diagnostic mammogram which means I get a mammogram and ultrasound. The mammogram did not show anything but a very alert ulrasound technician discovered an interesting small area and called in the radiologist. She decided to biopsy it and then I got my diagnosis-- invasive bc about 1cm. I have a sister who had 4 places of bc two in each breast and none were ever seen on a mammogram but she had a little pain and high suspicions and all 4 places were bc.


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