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New Name

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When being wheeled into the OR to have my right testicle removed the nurses and everyone were trying to keep things light.

When they got me into the OR I told them that after the procedure they would have to call me by my new Chinese name "One Hung Low". They got quite a chuckle over that.

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Just read this. My son was born with only one and now he wants to be called that.

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Thanks I needed that

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Could always be worse, LOL....

Stay positive and keep up the fight.


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THAT is funny roflmao!

Take care,


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That's funny. I know someone who had testicular cancer and lost one too....to lighten things up,we say "uniball!"

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I guess we can’t help but laugh at these things being we are all in the same boat.
But I got to say I like this one


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There was a guy in here at one time (from western Canada, if I remember correctly) who had that name, although I believe with just one L.

Take care,


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tooooooooooooooo funny

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this realy made me "pee my pants "lol ..

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I seen that one somewhere but can’t remember where, oh well here it is anyway.




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Very funny.  I too adopted a chinese name when I underwent a pnuemonectomy (removal of entire lung) 19 years ago for lung cancer.  My chinese name (and my hotmail address) is ONELUNGTOO.  The treatment for that lung cancer has caused Stage IV Esophageal Cancer which is what I'm wrestling with nowadays.  I've been trying to come up with a new 'handle' for myself but haven't had any luck.  About the only thing I came up with was ECLC for Esophageal Cancer/Lung Cancer.  I guess I'm not as quick and witty as I once was.


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Be positive, stay cool, and take care !!

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When my husband battled rectal cancer and had to have an eliostomy we named the bag Ollie because it was such a big part of the family for over a year! Now that I am battling uterine cancer I named my port "Porter" although I should have named him Waldo because half the time the nurses can't find him or he doesn't want to perform and that is usually the first hour or so of my chemo! 

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