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New Car

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The son goes to his father and says he would like a new car, that all of his friends have one. The father says that if he brings up his grades, reads his bible and cuts his hair that he would get him a car. "Let's check the grades in nine weeks," the father says. The nine weeks go by and the son comes to the father to discuss the car again: "Dad, I've brought up my grades and read my bible every day. May I have a car now?" The father says, "What about the haircut?" The son replies, "Abraham, David and Jesus all had long hair!" The father replies, "Yes, and they walked everywhere they went!"

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Love it. An oldie but a goodie. Does that show my age. My kids had never heard it.


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I guess I can use it


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If his father accept the deal, he customize first in car wraps orange county for all of his friends will have an impressive thoughts.

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