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Has Cancer Been ALL Bad For You?

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We all either face the effects of cancer or are caregivers to those who do. I think it's safe to say that cancer is not one the the best things that has happened to us.

Have you found something positive that has come out of your cancer diagnosis that you may not have realized if you were not diagnosed with cancer? If so, would you care to share?

I have found that cancer has given me an even greater appreciation for the simpler things in life. The bird chirping, the sunrise/sunset, the way light highlights my wife's face...

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You did a good job...very good picture.If I were a betting person I'd bet you had an easier time adding your picture than I did :(
But....I kept at it, and although I'd like to change my pic to a newer one I believe I'll leave it alone.


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I will say I have been blessed with how things unfolded since my cancer dx- example, my grandson was born 4 days prior to my dx- I am grateful for those 4 days of bliss and joy, they sustained us all through some rough days. Even though a sooner dx would have meant a better outcome for me, I was so grateful to be able to sit out in the sun vs look at the snow from inside. I missed my summer school pay, but was given a grant by the Angel Foundation which covered some missed pay. I don't have disability through my work due to a mess they made, but was able to use sick days and use comp time and didn't miss any funds during the chemo experience from hell. I am a single parent with mostly grown children and my family lives over 3 hours away- yet they managed to alternate chemo treatments and someone was generally always with me. During my sickest days- I had a co-teacher come clean my house top to bottom.

There weren't any good things that resulted from having cancer- but the bad things did work out and that is a good thing!

The absolute best and most wonderful thing? That I am on the other side of cancer, I am a survivor and I am looking forward to my life ahead of me.

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One day, while thinking about the 8 to 10 months that I was then expected to live (13 months ago), I began thinking about criminals on death row. That's when it occurred to me that those individuals have some advantages over me, a terminal cancer patient. At least in most countries, the condemned knows that when death comes it will be swift, mercifully swift. Again, in most countries, in the absences of illness their deaths will not be preceded by months or years of physical pain -- nor worries about treatments, procedures, medications, financial issues and the burden placed upon family and care givers. Certainly, they know the meaning of anger, fear, regret and stress from many sources and directions but they know somewhat the future holds. Of course, the condemned prisoner may strive for a retrial or reduction of sentence while the cancer patient may strive for a cure or remission. Yet, when it comes to time remaining on Earth after sentencing vs. time remaining after a stage IV diagnosis such as mine, the condemned prisoner most often has the most time remaining.

Yet, I would NOT want to trade places with a condemned prisoner. I have the comfort of knowing my demise will not be the result of wrong-doing, of having caused pain and death to others. As someone who believes in an afterlife, I need not worry about finding myself in an afterlife environment far worse than what I may have enjoyed otherwise. Then too, I am surrounded by love ones.

Cancer has given me cause to reflect upon my life. I suppose that is a good thing. Yet, I tend to reflect upon, dwell upon, the mistakes I have made. I know I have also done many good deeds during my life but I can barely remember them if at all. Perhaps, when we do good acts we treat them as routine, remember them as being unremarkable and perhaps that's the way it should be.

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Jan 4th was my 5 yr. At 13 mo i was told if you can live for 6 more mo then we will be able to have a % for you, on you, if you will be able to live longer. You are told the % of you getting hit by a car, or the % of you having a heart attack, but I had never heard someone say the % of you living another month.
The confussion and ache, the bewilderment the disbelief nothing even made sense. My loved ones. The way you caught some of these unexplainable emotions with the death row of a condemed prisoner is awesome. The strength to write that is greatly appreciated. Hold onto someone who loves you and know you are not alone. Grabe onto moments. I am just now learning and believing that HOPE even if its only a glance..helps.
Reflect on the good deed you just did by sharing a part of you.Thank you for your courage.

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yes, cancer is all bad. It does not deserve credit for anything

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one year ago we were a normal family, living our lives. Now..... beating the cancer is our daily focus....cancer gets no credit, absolutly none, zero.

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I have gained a lot with this I have realized how short life is and how caring people are.

I am a lot more patient with people, Truth be knowen if I could keep evry thing I have gained from this expierence without the chemo I would rather not have the ca at all but it is an experiance I know we can die at anytime from anything it just sucks to get hit with it every other week at chemo time


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HOPE, HOPE, HOPE. Amy try even if it is only a minute at a time to see a glance of hope. Hope of holding the hand right then of someone that loves you. A mom, a dad, a child, a friend, a lover anyone that is there, that you love and that loves you. Hope that you have a small amount of strength left because you know someone that loves you believes in you. Even if you HOPE that tomorrow you have more hope than today. Because with this disease Amy somedays and it sounds like where your at, all you can feel or have is just enough to HOPE for tommorow.Don't get me wrong this thing called cancer does nothing but steal, rob and cheat you of every physical and emotional stability that you thought you had. But that is the startling part we never had much control before cancer, we just thought we did. So right now just give or receive love even if its through a look in your eyes because sometimes the tiny thing is the hope of love, that you need so badly right now
I won't say it gets better or worse but i will say i have been where you sound and I may be there again tomorrow and if I do I'll need you to help me see HOPE.

Thanks Amy for listening cause like I said I may need to hear from you tomorrow... Don't lose hope.

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What an awesome post! Thank you! "Even if you HOPE that tomorrow you have more hope than today." well said!


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