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Over Zealous? I hope I do not hit a nerve; however I am pretty sure I am going to, but hey this board is supposed to be for open minds and understanding so here goes. If those of us who are believers have found a home here, a comfort level here, if we have found a place where we can openly discuss our illness on the many cancer boards that are provided for that purpose why would we also feel the need to perhaps be over zealous in our response to others. Recently I read a post from a newcomer who was expressing fear and asking for answers, answers regarding cancer, answers that could perhaps soothe her for the moment. The first two responses were from believers and they strongly stated how God would help this person, how God would be there for them and aide them in their cancer walk if they only believed. I have a strong faith and consider myself a born again Christian; however those responses irritated the dickens out of me even though they were heartfelt responses. Here was someone asking for answers to a very serious problem they have suddenly found themselves dealing with and what they got was hard core Christian wisdom. I do not wish to sound like a non believer because I most certainly am not, however I do know that when someone comes here looking for cancer help that is what they should get, being told God will help them does not help them to deal with how afraid they are, it does not answer the questions and concerns that they have and it very well may scare them away from a site that has so much to offer. God does help, that is true but we still die and no amount of faith will change that (unless of course we are alive come Armageddon) so I try to answer these folks with cancer knowledge that I have gotten from my cancer walk and figure if they are looking for religious answers or faith based answers they can always visit this board. If witnessing is on the agenda one can always get to know someone more personally via the email system CSN provides and that way if they are open to your faith it can be comfortably shared without accidentally chasing off those in need. Again please do not be offended, it is an observation I have made and I decided to write about it when someone else made a somewhat similar observation to me the other day. I would hate if my faith chased off people in need and/or those people who could help those in need, that is not what my faith is about. Sorry for the ranting but had to get this off my chest.

Respectfully yours,


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well ...

one can be spiritual and still believe in God
one can be without religion and still believe in God
one can be withouth religion and still worship God

And for many non-Christians there is only one God who is the beginning, the end and everything in between...and more.

Jesus Christ was truly brilliant, his teachings are incredible and we have much to learn about love,forgiveness and compassion from them. Mohammed(peace be upon him) too, was a brilliant light that we can learn a great deal from, much in the realm of surrender and rememberance.... However we don't need to belong to either or any religion or be labeled by any religion in order to serve God and live our lives with integrity.

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I agree that Religion will not and can not save anyone; Religion is nothing more then man reaching out to God by works, Christianity to me is God reaching down to Man by grace.

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Well 1st off I am a born again christian and proud of it...I pray for everyone on this board I don't ask if you are a beliver or not don't care. If it weren't for Jesus dieing on the cross we would not have religion. I am living prof that my surgons hand was lead by God to remove my cancer because he prayed in the OR before anything was done.I also know the doctors get the credit but when he ask God to use his hands as a tool to remove cancer ...hey you gotta give credit where credit is due he ask for help and got it...I have not had 1 doctor in my entire cancer battle that didn't take my hand and pray out loud for me, and now days where alot of people are embarresed to admit they are belivers it made me feel very proud to hear a professional proclaim his belief. You don't have to like this post you don't have to reply I don't care one way or the other I used my freedom of speech. I am a Christian and if you disagree than you to have read the constitution of the United States of America...

Pround to be an American with the freedom to say this...

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or positive thoughts, good vibes, healing thoughts...they seem to me to be different names for a similar thing. Just as someone being constantly negative and having that be a toxic environment, being positive through prayer and the other methods I mentioned can have a healing nurturing thing to them.

Louann, I saw you mentioned that if it were not for Jesus dying on the cross there would be no religion. Do you possibly mean that w/o Jesus dying on the cross there would be no Christianity? There would still be many religions around, not all of them are based on Christian beliefs, right?

I have never found any aspect of what I may or may not believe in enter into my world of cancer. I was refreshing though to hear that your surgeon, who I guess knew how strong your faith is, took the time to pray with you and to make you feel more at ease. I've had doctors from many different cultures and ethnic background operate on me and I put my trust in them and their ability as men and women who put in may hours of hard work to become experts in their fields. I do not see their hands being guided by anything other than their ability that they gained through hard work.

I know you're pretty new on this part of the site, you don't have to put in comments about if you like it or don't, that all goes without saying. This part of the site is made for open discussion, sometimes exchanges of ideas, and sometimes discussions as to why someone may not agree with each other. We have all been quite good and respectful of how we talk to each other 99% of the time.

Be proud of who you are, just as the agnostics, Hindus, Muslims and whoever else we have on this forum are proud of who they are.

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Not to rain on your self-righteous parade, lcarper, but at least a couple of things need to be pointed out:

Religion precedes the existence of Jesus. Lest ye forget, Jesus was purportedly a Hebrew, which means that at least one religion preceded Jesus, which is to say nothing of Greek and Roman polytheism (which would only ignore all of Asia and both of the Americas, along with the pre-existing religions of the very region from whence christianity sprung).

You are NOT living proof that your doctors' hands were led by God if your only 'proof' is your conviction that such is the case. I must ask the obvious: if God's hand was required, why then did you not go a bit cheaper, skip the doctors, and ask your neighbors to do whatever your doctors did instead?

Finally, your ranting about free speech and so forth seems completely out of place here. This particular board was established, or so I gather, EXPRESSLY to allow people such as yourself to post comments related to your religious beliefs, even if those beliefs are based on an astonishingly, severly, limited knowledge of the religion you purport to believe (how can one believe when one hasn't a clue?).


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Just glancing over the comments so far in general I would like to add my 2 cents worth on why some religious people- I am one- appear over zealous at times. I remember when I first got the first indication something might be wrong when I got back an elevated PSA lab report. I was somewhat concerned, my wife was concerned- it was difficult to not discuss it somewhat. Then the biopsy results came back- high gleason score- it certainly had our attention. The topic of cancer and treatment just drew us into its web. Then there was surgery, hormone shots, radiation- lots of fuel for conversation. Almost in an obcessive way. My wife and I were very interested in what I was going through and it was very hard not to bring it into our conversations.

Well, many religious folk are very much into Jesus and faith. I am, and sometimes it is very difficult not to bring it into our conversations. Sometimes we lack wisdom and skill in sharing what we know, just as sometimes mis-informaiton about cancer is shared by zealous cancer patients who are very good ar sharing what they have experienced but may not understand how their treatment relates to others with the same or different cancers. Forgive for our zeal on both sides- religion and cancer. Both are important to us and we do feel a need to talk, to share what we know and learn from others.

This probably doesn't satisfy RE's inquiry at the top, but there may never be a fully satisfactory answer. We are just people, afterall, not God, and therefore limited in our knowledge. If anyone has ever read the OT book of Job you can see how easy it is to form wrong opinions about God or anything else for that matter.

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This was posted in January 2010. Thought I'd bump it back up near the top since it seems to be relative.

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Re Marcia's post:

"I think we all need to find faith, not be told what it is."

I'm always amazed when something so profound, can be said so
perfectly, in so few words!

Best wishes!!


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I mean Right On!
I agree, that says it perfectly

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thanks for bumping the post it was a good read

personaly am not christan and dont care to be. I don't have a problem with anyone elses religion or lack there of. The only problem I have is when someone wants to "SAVE ME" or such.

I dont have a problem with someone posting a comment with religious hints to it in other sections as long as they dont get to preachie about it.