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Well,I gotta tell you,I did not think this would upset me,
'cause I knew it was a possibility,
but when I took a shower this morning and washed my hair,
it came out by the handfulls!

It didn't come out like in the movies or T.V where a big clump came
out leaving a big bald spot,it just came out from all over.
I WAS FREAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
And this is just from 2 HALF doses!!

My hair had thinned before from the folfox,
but I never really noticed it, it was so gradual,
a few hairs a day.It finally came back in to my normal thickness,
the last month or so.

But SO MUCH came out today ,if it happens again,it is going to be really noticeable,
and I may have to buzz it.
what is going to happen when I get a FULL DOSE of irinotecan?
before today I just thought ...well,it's only hair-- no big deal...NOT!!!
I know I said I would post picture if I went bald,but I'm reconsidering that.

OK, thanks for letting me vent.I feel better now. I think. Maybe.


Washed hair this morning, only got 4 handfulls today.saturday's total was 6,but
still have towel turban wrapped around it afraid to take it off to comb hair
oh well, what ya gonna do?

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Mine is thinning really badly now. I haven't shaved it, but I've started wearing wigs now full time. I thought I was going to be one of those brave ones and wear my bald head proudly, but...uhhhmmm...nope...can't do it! :-)


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Yes,you think you'll wear it like a 'badge of honour'until it
actually starts to fall out.I don't want to wear a wig,
can't afford one any way,but I have several pretty scarves.
and a couple of ski caps!


(I'm going to swear now,)

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Yes,you think you'll wear it like a 'badge of honour'until it
actually starts to fall out.I don't want to wear a wig,
can't afford one any way,but I have several pretty scarves.
and a couple of ski caps!


(I'm going to swear now,)

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about your hair loss. But can I just say that with your pretty face-don't be too concerned about your hair loss.(easy for me to say, eh?) You have such a great smile!

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Thanks! That's really sweet of you to say.

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You do have a pretty face! I feel for you, when I first found out I had cancer, the first thing I thought was " I don't want to lose my hair".
Does your local ACS have a wig bank? Someone toldme that some do, where you can get t wig if you need one.

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Dearest Kate,

I didn't think it would bother me either.....but it did!! I didn't loose all of mine but it was long and I had to cut it real short. I wore a wig. The funny thing is I'm a blonde (grey really) and I couldn't find a blonde wig I liked. Tried on a short red wig for the style but liked the color with my green complexion. ha ha Liked it so much that I died my hair red when it grew back. You are lovely so just do what makes you feel good. The Look Good Feel Good program is really fun. You can find it here on cancer.org under support programs.

Swear all you want. We've heard or said it all. I'll be praying for you.

Be Blessed,

Debbie (gramma)

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I guess it's different for a guy.When my hair started to fall out,I went to the barbers and told him to just cut it all off,and then I wore a baseball cap.My hair has all grown back,but I still wear a baseball cap alot of the time.

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Steve Z
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I shaved my head Tuesday. Different reason, the cold made me wear a knit hat every day, then I looked like I just rolled out of bed all day at work. Every time I round a corner now and see myself in the mirror, I'm not sure who the guy is looking back.

My onc's office has a supply scarf's and hats that previous female patients have donated. By the way I think I saw in a previous string that you live in Lancaster, I'm in Pottstown, and work in Paoli. Enjoy the snow tomorrow. Hang in there, I'm sure you look great.

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Actually,I said I live near Lancaster
I actually live in Pottstown.
near the Hill School.

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Steve Z
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I'm 2 miles south of the coventry mall. One of our favarite take-out places is Angelina's. We should get together.

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I am on xeloda and ocn said mine wouldn't fall out WRONG it did and very depressing so I went to a salon and had it buzzed and cried like a baby but now put on a very good looking wig and may not ever do real hair again LOL my hair is growing back and looks thicker and grayer LOL remember it is only hair I would rather be alive and bald than dead with hair LOL good luck

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Mine came out like yours, all at one time after just one treatment. So my family got together and we had a hair cutting party. I shaved my husbands, he shaved mine, my son's wife shaved his then my son shaved my daughter's. Then we all went outside and had pictures taken so the whole neighborhood could see. I was so proud of my family for standing beside me. That was back in March and all of their hair has grown back so much that all three have had to have haircuts. Mine is starting to grow back since I'm off oxy. But it is really gray and curly. I've never had curly hair. My husband likes it. I just tolerate it.

Good luck,
Debbie in Arkansas

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I'm sorry you are having a hard time adjusting to hair loss. Just wanted you to know that ACS gives free wigs. Also, they have great event called Look Good/Feel Better, Call and find out when ACS will have one in your area. All kinds of make up and scarves, etc.

I would love to send you some scarves that I have. I never did wear them because I didn't look that good in scarves.

There are also some really cute hates that some hospitals have that are from ACS. You pay for them then turn that into ACS and it is refunded to you.

If you want to PM me and give me your address, I'd love to send these scarves to you. They have been in my drawer just waiting for someone to use!

I'll post my pictures (of my hair loss if you post yours!!!) Ha gotcha>>>Grin>>>

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I wouldn't shave yet! it may look like you're going to lose it all, but it will stop after a couple treatments. My onc said I wouldn't lose my hair, and I didn't, I lost alot, but by the 6th treatment, it stopped, I'm not sure what a half dose to a full dose of chemo is, but I swear I thought I was going to go bald. I also would cry in the shower as I held that huge clump of hair, and that's ok! it is startling to see at first, but then you get used to it, and it does stop, though I read that it did make someone here lose their hair, you never know, I just bought cute hats from Claire's and Icicle, and also Hot Topic, and they look very fashionable. My kids love them! My girls don't like the cancer patient/scarf look, they would rather see me with strands of hair hanging from my bald head, or a hat on then me walk around totally bald, or with a scarf on, though I like the look of the scarf, I just didn't want to scare my kids lol...I pretty much left alot for them to join in my decisions as well, since I figured they need to learn to cope with this as well, and if this would be better with them coping with it.


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I agree with Donna, don't shave it just yet. Maybe it will just get thin. That's what mine did (5FU/Mitomyicin C), it was freaky at first and I did get it cut SHORT. First time since the 5th grade. You are a lovely woman and will be with or without hair. Keep smiling my dear, and no one will notice your hair :)

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I don't really like wigs,I find them hot and uncomfortable.
I have about 6 or 7 scarves in different colours,
that I already had
and I bought a couple colourful knit hats today.
My doctor told me that I probably WOULD lose my hair.
Right now if you didn't know me, you probably would not notice,
but my friends are going to say "what's up with your hair"??!!
as soon as they see me.(they won't be mean,they love me)
If the same amount comes out next time I wash it ,I think it will be too
thin to go bareheaded.
as the day goes on I am becoming more accepting of it.
I'll just have to wait and see.
I'll keep you updated,I wash my hair every other day,
but I feel like a cat today with the shedding !!


Are you near Lowe's and Cold Stone?

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My hair got thinner - I even bought a wig, but I haven't used it because my hair didn't get so thin to need a wig. I hope I won't have to use it. I've got 2 more weeks of chemo to go so I'll be ok. But my eyelashes fell out and they are next to nothing. I sure hope they come back.

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I lost my hair also. I was told it would thin, but it just all came out on top and sides and 90% on the back. My daughter buzzed it off for me. I cannot wear wigs either - too hot, itchy and just plain uncomfortable. A dear friend hand painted silk scarves for me and I bought a couple of cute chemo caps. Then daughter and her friends started knitting me caps out of silk/alpaca yarn. they are sooo soft and comfy.

BTW - I, too thought I could handle it, but I cried when I looked in the mirror and saw my Dad looking back! Daughter cried also, then we hit the wine and it was all better. My hair came back quickly, though. Strange, but I am a redhead and it came in almost black! It has since lightened a bit, but my wonderful hair stylist made it red again!

Take care...and remember. Your hair does not define YOU.


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Hi Kate-
My husbands is starting to thin, and it bothered him and he thought it wouldn't. I have to tell you, from a caregiver standpoint going in and out of the cancer center, the women with the lovely bright scarves always make me smile. It is such a cheerful face on the awful cancer. My husband has said it would be nice if he had more choices that boring hats! (He isn't going to do a lovely silk scarf!)
Best of luck.

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I'm sorry about your hair. I know I'd be a complete baby about that. But you're going to be beautiful in your fancy scarves and hats. Just keep that lovely smile shining!


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but whether chemo/rad was going to cause it to fall out or not I figured I wouldn;t have the time/energy/strength to maintain it. keep knots out, comb it out etc as it was still thick so me and girlfriend clipped it all off. Had my hair long most of my life, from first time I saw the Stones/beatles til 1980 ,when I cut it to start my promotions at work and stopped cutting itin the baCK in 1991, after big promotion....Surprisingly, I didn;t miss having it as it made my life easier to live and cancer was enough of a battle. Men do/can get attached to their hair but in my case, being comfortable was more important....Steve

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I can't sit here and say how or what I would do, well I could but it just isn't the same. Although last night I took the son to eat at Captain D's and there was a nice looking woman there with her family eating and she had a wrap of some type on her head. I knew immediately why and I walked over to her and her family and simply said "God Bless You", do you know what she asked me ? In her own words "What type did you have", to my astonishment she knew. I told her and we spoke a bit and then enough where I felt comfortable asking her," How did you know that I was a cancer patient", she told me, "By the way you asked me, only another survivor can know that ". Her beauty was such that it didn't matter whether she was bald, fat, thin, black, or white, her realism and inner beauty was enough for me to realize what a wonderful, beautiful, and confident woman I had just met. We ended with a hug and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.

I guess what I am trying to say is that whomever knows what we go through to reach the point of survivorship or even fight the battle at all knows the time and well being that is sacrificed to wear the "turban"...Actually, the only thing I noticed is that by wearing the turban meant that she was most likely a cancer patient, and after the initial words spoken, it was something I never even noticed. I have already taken the time to cut out a tiny turban and place it over your hair......still just as beautiful as before, inside and out, and the very same person now as you were then.......Love and Hope , Clift

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Thank you,Cliff
Merry christmas.

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Kerry S
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I am an old guy so hair is no big thing. Mine got real thin but came back thicker then before chemo and much darker.

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I thought I would go bald, as I was losing so much hair. It has been different with each tx. With two cycles I had spots on my scalp that felt sunburnt and I lost a lot of hair from those areas. When it first started I was sure I'd be bald within a week at the rate it was coming out.

I have very very thick hair. I've lost about 1/4 to 1/3 of it now (tx#5). Because my hair was so thick to start with no one else notices, but I can tell - especially when I wash it and it compacts down to such a small amount. Every time I brush my hair about 3 times as much hair as normal comes out. Same for washing. So, who knows what will happen by the time I am done, but for now I still have plenty.

I'd just sit back and wait to see what happens. Maybe the hair loss will slow down.

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Yeah, Kathryn,
my hair was really thick too
posted picture of me was taken
about 2 1/2 months ago when it was still thin
from last bout of chemo.
it had really come back thick in last couple months,
but I NEVER lost it like this before,I think it's much thinner than
picture.my landlady is a hairdresser, she said to call her when I
was ready and she'd come to my house and buzz it for me.
with or with out hair I guess I'm still ME.

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Hi Kate, you are so cute, you'll be fine no matter what! My hair thinned too...... if you count leaving 99 out of a hundred as thin! It's ok though! Mine "thinned" in about Fe.March last year, so much that I too got it buzzed. Then it grew back to about 3/4 inch, but quite thin! I don't always wear a hat or scarf (except it's cold to me now) and often remove it when I have those special "hot flashes" My kids at school (pre-K aged) don't even bat an eye any more! When it was growing (3/4 in) I tinted it colors and they loved it! Now I have double my dose of Irronotecan and it "thinned" a lot again! Oh well! It means life for me! Once you are over the shock, just enjoy it! As my son told me "Mom, you didn't do anything wrong, if people have a problem, it's their problem"! I love him for that! When I was leaving work for a treatment the other day, a new little boy asked me where I was going. My reply was the one the kids always hear from me " It's my day to get my special med." From across the room I heard another child reply.."It's for her hair"!
Merry Christmas Kate! Jean

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So sorry you are losing your hair. That has to be so hard. I know going through treatment, I used to wash my hair and I would have my fingers covered with hair, but my hair is so thin I didn't have much to lose anyway, but I could tell a difference when I styled it. Even now after three months after chemo I am still losing some but not as much and not every time. I would also wait to shave your head. You can go to PaulaYoung.com to get stylish wigs for $25 or so. I had about 9 that I bought years ago. Never put one on since I have had cancer - just can't do it right now. They are a good place though and hope you check it out. Don't feel bad about hair loss though, you have healing to think about.


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