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Uterine cancer symptoms

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As I've posted before, my 78 year old mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer in January. Her only symptom was vaginal bleeding, similar to a period. I was wondering what other symptoms some of the other "maturer" women had. My mom had not been to a gyn in about 11-12 years and I feel a little guilty about not insisting she go for checkups. Maybe it could have been caught sooner.

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Dear Leslie,

Vaginal bleeding is ususally the first symptom of uterine cancer. Pap smears pick up cervical cancer and rarely uterine cancer. A regular Gyn exam with palpation probably would not have picked it up. If she was having pain an ultrasound might have picked up some changes in the thickness of the uterine wall. I wish there were other early symptoms; bleeding was also my first symptom. It's one of the tough ones to pick up. They are decreasing the standards of frequency now that women have pap smears and Gyn exams. You certainly can't blame yourself and need to move on with just helping her now. I know this is a difficult time for you. You sound like a very caring person.

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Every time I had period I had abnormal bleeding that goes more than 9 days which is the first symptoms of Uterine cancer. I had leg and stomach cramps that I couldn't tolerate especially during my third day of period. I've noticed it was abnormal so I told my primary doctor about it even though I had negative on my pap smear. She send me a referral for ultrasound which they found 3 fibroids and the thickness of the uterus wall. The next step they had me to have biopsy which they found cancer. I also had another symptoms that my left ovary was having strange reaction like pitching especially if I'm having organism but I wasn't sure if it was related but the ultrasound shows that my left ovary wasn't functioning which is why I had high estrogen level that can lead to cancer plus being overweight or related to heredity. It's best to have a good check up like ultrasound and biopsy to find it early than too late. hugs, Reddie

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Leslie....Please do not feel guilty! I was 65 when I was diagnosed. I had annual exams and Pap smears...NOTHING. I had some discomfort in my Lower Abdomen and had ultrasounds and CT scan and a flexible sigmoidoscopy...NOTHING... I then had a very small amount of pink drainage...and that was when my cancer was diagnosed. It is all very elusive, so even with regular check-ups is can be elusive! Thinking about you...and don't beat yourself up!! Karen

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Marie Stage 1A....I tell any and all women I meet.... a moist vagina in a post menopausal woman is NOT a good thing; it was my ONLY symptom; as an RN and post menopausal woman I became suspicious when intercourse became too easy; glad I paid attention; spread the word


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I am 68...always have yearly checkups...had gyn exam and pap smear, March 2008...1st sign of anything wrong was slight bleeding in late October...was in Dr.'s office with in 18 hours...Stage IIIC...go figure! Incidentally, I had just been to Greece and climbed to the top of the Acropolis!

Hope you can dismiss any feelings of guilt about your mom...I'm sure she doesn't hold you responsible.

Best wishes,

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My mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer when she had a scan for a kidney stone at age 71. She had no symptoms and had a yearly pap and pelvic as well as labs, colonoscopy etc. Yes, I wish there was a test(most of her friends in her age group had hysterectomies in their 40's--maybe not a bad idea.) The only symptom she had was extreme fatigue but like most of us women she does not complain and we are caregivers for our families. she had a hyst(Davinci) in Feb. 2009 and follows up every couple months. Incidently Cancer Schmancer emailed me today for letters to our state reps to pass preventative tests and awareness for gyne cancers. It was easy to email the letter that they had written to congress.

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My cancer showed NO symptoms of any kind. My annual routine PAP test first detected my UPSC (the PAP just showed 'something suspicious as yet un-named.) Cerival biopsies showed no evidence of cancer in my cervix. And when I had my hysterectomy, the pathology showed that my cancer had NOT spread to the cervix. The explanation I was given is that UPSC cells can exfoliate, just the way your skin exfoliates, and I was lucky enough that a couple cancer cells drifted down right when I had my Pap test, and didn't attach or grow. Microscopic UPSC cells showed up in 1 of the 25 lymph nodes they removed and in the 'wash'.

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Linda.....I love your new picture....looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach. Bet you feel very reguvanted! Good for you!


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