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I sometimes wonder who visits this Head and Neck Cancer area. I thought I would get a count. Probably, not everyone will sign up. If you do, please complete the following:

Forum Name, Type of Cancer, Year, and Home State

I will start.

HAWVET,Nasopharyngeal, 1998, Hawaii

Mahalo (Thank you)


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train-nut, hypopharyngeal (piriform sinus), 2007, Oklahoma...best of health to all!

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Stage IV tonsilar
Last treatment:03/28/2007
Home st: Michigan(but live in Tennessee)

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Geezer, Tonsilar, 2006, Florida

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Victor Brown
Tonsil into base of tongue 4cm with a huge lemonsized lymphnode 9cm

I did 6 weeks of once a week chemo Erbitux Carboplatin Taxol then two week rest
Now i am in my second week of Radiation for 7 weeks with Cisplatin chemo daily on weeks 1.4.and 7 plus i get double radiation on fridays.
Then a 4 week rest then surgery is the plan.
I live in Costa Rica but am now in Rhode Island getting treated at same hospital i was born in 53 years ago. My email is vb53@cox.net i love to talk on phone with anybody who has experience at this email me your phone number and a time to call Thank you

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How are you doing? I am an 11 year survivor of tonsilar cancer. I had 36 radiation treatments and two rounds of cisplatin as well as surgery. Its been three months since your posting, but if you would still like to talk, I would love to hear from you.

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Malignant Paraganglioma - started as glomus jugulare tumor in 1987 - still fighting
Houston, Texas

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Gary R
Throat & Lymph galnds
1999, New Mexico

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JKINOBAY, HPV16 positive SCC lymph nodes left neck misdiagnosed as Bronchial Cleft Cyst(surgery 5-07), MD Anderson said HPV16 points to tonsil area, tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy 7-07, left tonsil serious SCC, all else clear. Had 35 IMRT w/ weekly Cisplatin 9-07 & 10-07, last PET cancer free 4-08, next PET 10-08.

Surgery and treatment in Tucson, Az. but I live and work in Mexico.

Feeling better all the time. Be well..........JK

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lolojldunn (Jim)
Stage 4 Tonsilar
Last treatment 8/16/2007

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sassyque...cancer of the tongue...2003...Pennsylvanis

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Gee I can't spell!!!!Pennsylvania

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Slickwilly. Difuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. 2003. Michigan. Mass with Octopus tenticles romoved from the right side of my face. Cancer from the Sinus cavity to the right jaw bone. 6 Chop+Rituxin treatments and 25 Radiation treatments. No more right facial nerve. 1/2 of my saliva glands, taste buds and sinus left. A minor meningioma brain tumor and it was Arthritis and spinal stenosis that finally put me on disability. Gotta hate those side effects. Keep fighting

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Christmas, nasopharyngeal, last treatment - March 2004, California

We are survivors!

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Tonsil cancer 2005. Treated at M.D. Anderson Houston, Texas and Texas Oncology Denton, TX. 39 radiation treatments and 3 rounds of Cisplatin. Now living cancer free in Sauk Rapids, MN. Ljoy

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lorileona (Lori, wife of Ron, cancer survivor)
Originally Stage IV, Tongue and lymph nodes
2005 and 2008

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epithelial myo-epithelial carcinoma in my ethmoid sinus
November, 2007

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wboaz, Squamous cell cancer of the left tonsil, January 2006, Oregon

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Stage 4
Dx Sept 1999
7200 RADS over 46 treatments
10 rounds of weekly chemo simultaneous with the Rads
Cut from ear to ear May 1, 2000 that removed base of tongue

But I licked it.


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Thank you for all who have responded. For those of you still in need of treatment, I wish you well and will keep you in my prayers.

There is a total of 17 of us who have responded. I will keep a roster and will have another roll call in January 2009. My hope is that we will all be present 100 percent and we do not lose a soul due to this disease.

Here is the list:

Bughunter Tennessee
Christmas California
Garyr New Mexico
Geezer Florida
Hawvet Hawaii
Jkinobay Arizona
Ljoy Texas/Minnesota
Lolojldunn Montana
Lorileona Wisconsin
Marywiz15 Colorado
Slickwilly Michigan
Sash Florida
Sassyque Pennsylvania
TereB Texas
Train-nut Oklahoma
Victor 53 Rhode Island
Wboaz Oregon

If your name is not listed, it can still be added.

Mahalo and Aloha

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Name: cwctcher
tonsilar cancer in 1997

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Squamous cell cancer behind the left tonsil
Ended treatment 9/2007

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hi ya'll! Marymoo here age 39, SCC of Tongue and lymphnodes, just had first removal surgury Thursday Aug. 21, 2008, Alabama.

We Will Survive!


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devildawg, nasopharyngeal, 2004, michigan

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Squamous cell carcinoma at base of tongue

Just started radiation and chemo. Erbitux once a week, radiation daily 7 - 8 weeks (twice a day last 2 weeks if I get there), Carboplatin once every 3 weeks.

Previously had lung cancer in 2005. Chemo and radiation completed 12/2005. Lungs good now but doctors not very optimistic about prognosis for this one.

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My primary care doc, an internist, had base of tongue SCC with nodal invovement on both sides of his neck. No surgery, chemo and radiation...same treatment plan you have. He is two years post-treatment and cancer free. Be OPTIMISTIC! Were I you I'd be more concerned about the Sooners thumping the Longhorns real good this year. Rich in Tulsa.

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adding my dad to rollcall ok?

SCC of the maxillary sinus
radical surgery june 2008-no radiation/chemo

near Ottawa, Canada

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Bany, will add your dad. We will have a roll call in January and I will list the names. (Every six months thereafater). Hopefully, we will all be present and respond. With our type of illness, we never know who would have left us.

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thank you hawvet, i hope so too.

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Add me please.
Carcinoma of unknown primary (CUPS) treated by head, neck, lung oncologists.
1) Breast cancer: 9/05
2) CUPS tumor wrapped around esophagus: 5/07
3) CUPS landed in lungs: 4/08
Home state: Washington

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Hi Jodyman.I too was digagnosed with cancer at the base of the tongue.The tumor had taken over almost my entire tongue.I did not let them operate because they would have removed my tongue.They gave me no hope at all.That was 5 years ago and I am fine with no reaccurance.I had chemo and radiation and I can have sympathywith anyone that has to go thru this but you must keep the faith.The big man is in charge but we have to believe.Prayer is the best medicine there is and without it I would not be here.Stay strong,you are in my prayers.God bless you....Sassy

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Count me in.
tom55 Medullary thyroid, August06, Michigan

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Paula002, Nasopharyngeal, 2007, Montreal.
Greetings to everyone.....

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my mom had Squamous cell carcinoma top voicebox Passed on August 18th, 2008 after a brief battle that she fought hard and did everything possible. illness was diagnosed in Feb 07. I come on here to see if people have been affected the same way and if i can give any advice because i was her caregiver and have been through it as well. I wish evryone on her the most success. Massachusetts

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