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Help! I need health insurance.

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I had malignant melanoma removed 1 1/2 years ago. Currently, I do not have health insurance and do not have a group policy at my job. I've talked to a couple of insurance agents and basically have been told no insurance company will pick me up because it was melanoma. Anybody know of a company that will insure me even with an exclusion on the melanoma???

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Sorry, no clue. My husband tried to get supplemental insurance at work through Conseco. The rep told him I had to be disease (Melanoma) free for TEN years before they would cover me. Luckily I have coverage at work already. Good luck with your search. I will check around and let you know if I hear of anything.-Kristie

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I`m going through the same thing, although cancer claimed my career. I`m struggling to relearn life with one eye, and the insurance issues sure don`t help. Especially with the Oncology tests, it gets very expensive. Disability doesn`t pay nearly what I made before. There is supposed to be a social worker calling me next week from acs, so if I find out anything, I`ll let you know.

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I would start with your job. If there are 2-50 employees, you can work with your employer to get a group plan. In most states, small companies of that size get mandatory insurance and they only ask your name, address and age. You may need to get 75% of the people to participate. You should also try to get long term care and long term disability - there may be different underwriting standards for different types of insurance. You can get $25k of guaranteed issue life insurance as well. Please let me know if I can help:

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