Loss of all taste and smell

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I had chemo for 10 months, followed by a double mastectomy and then radiation for 6 weeks. I am 72 years old and this happened three years ago. To date, I have no sense of smell or taste which makes eating an unpleasant experience. I do eat because I know I need to. But there is absolutley no enjoyment in it. The whole world revolves around food but nothing even looks or sounds good!!!Is there anyone out there who is experiencing this same problem? Would love to hear from you. Thanks for this open discussion panel and God bless you all. Esther


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    Hi Esther
    If you live in the United States I would try and find a late effects clinic where they might be able to help you with the side effects of various chemo drugs or doses or radiation. I know you aren't a long term survivor YET but these clinics seem to have the latest in up to date information on the drugs that can cause certain types of side effects in cancer patients.

    What do your oncologists there say? You might be able to get the answer closer to home, not sure where you are but you can probably google late effects clinics and get a list of them and find the one nearest you. The nurse practioners at the Lance Armstrong Clinic at Dana Farber in Boston are very good at helping with information.


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    I've read that zinc can help
    I've read that zinc can help with help restore taste and smell. Try asking your doctors