experience at ctca,zion

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my wife was recently found to have breast cancer,and after talking with their lead guy on the phone,we were assured they would honor our insurance as an in network client,and we have an email confirming this.Now they sent me a financial hardship form, and are telling us they would most likely eat all the charges the insurance will not take care of.Has anyone had something like this happen at CTCA in Zion?


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    I've not been to any of their facilities but have a friend of my husband's whose wife is in management at their Arizona location. The way they treat their employees is like kings and queens, but work them like dogs. Their salaries are very high and know they're FOR PROFIT. Apparently if you don't have insurance, they will not take you. Don't understand how they can tell you the insurance qualified you at their facility and then renig????

    If you do a google search, you'll find pros and cons. I'd say more issues if they're really honorable. Do you have a facility closer to your home local?

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