Stomach pains non stop. What do you think?

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Hi Guys: I recently had a endoscopy and colonoscopy and all clear except for bacteria on the stomach which I had a ten day supply of antibiotics. Every day I had a little discomfort but now it is all day. I was not going to call the Doc, but it seems to be more unbearable now. I need your views on this. Unfortunately, I have a Great Surgeon with no bedside manners.(What should I do about him?) Idiots for pcps and a horrible insurance (ghi)The hospital I had surgery their pathologist and anesthesiologist is not covered under my insurance even though the hospital is covered. So right now I am stuck with numerous bills totaling over 12 grand. At this point, all I want is to feel better. Please advise. June


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    Probiotics and Aloe Vera Juice
    Dear June, Aloe Vera Juice will heal you in the inside and you really need a good probiotic, especially with taking antibiotics. Garden of Life has a good one. Eat yogurt plain, no sugar, no fruit. I make yo-cheese, if you want I'll give you the recipe. Walmart has gallon size aloe vera about $8.00. I am a 8 year survivor of HER-NEU Breast cancer positive 3. The prognosis for this type of cancer is gloomy. I believe in combining traditional with alternative and believe this is the only reason I am alive. They only gave me one year to live 8 years ago. Have you ever looked at or seen Susanne Sommers book called "Knockout!"? She interviews the top cancer Doctors in the world who have had great success. Really hope this will help and you will feel better.