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Hi all,
I came to this board back in June after I was diagnosed with anal cancer and had my treatment plan in place.I was not in the mood to go on the computer much lately so I have just caught up on all the posts here.I just wanted to share my journey these past eitht weeks or so. I started treatment on June 8th with 30 treatments of rad and weekly infusions of 5fu and cisplatin. I sailed thru thr first 6 weeks with very little discomfort and the docs were so surprised that I was doing so well and commented that to me which made me feel good. I was thinking only a few more weeks and I will be done yea!!
Well during week seven I had three more rad and two more chomo infusions to go. I completed the rad but had to stop the chemo. My blood levels took a nose dive and I developed a uti and fever of 101. I was admitted to the hospital where I stayed for five days. I had two bags of blood, daily doses of magnesium and potassium and iv antibiotics. My veins did not coopoerate and the had to start a new iv daily. The finally put a midline in and that was much better. My blood levels came back to near normal and I was released after five days. when I cam home I was very weak and my blood pressure was very low. Every time I stood up I almost passed out. That was a week and a half ago and I am getting stronger and feeling better every day so I think the worst is over.
they also gave me the patch for pain but I am not using it but do take the darveset when needed. It still hurts when I pee but bowel movements are getting easier every day.
I also get this anoying feeling in my legs at night when going to sleep and have to get up and walk around for awhile. I think it might be resteless leg syndrome and I have never expeienced this before. Has anyone else had this? I am wondering if it is because I sit around most of the day resting and not moving around much.
I am scheduled for a pet scan the beginnong of September and a visit to the surgeons office for a dre in September as well as seeing thr rad dr. Not sure what hapens next but I hope and pray that this is over and I pray nightly for all on this board as well that we can beat this cancer and go on with our lives.


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    Good to see you back!
    I'm glad to hear you have completed your treatments, but sorry you had to take a detour and spend a few days in the hospital. So happy to hear you are now feeling better and starting to see improvements. I wish you the very best with your upcoming PET scan and follow-up visits with your docs. Please let us know how everything goes--I'm sure you'll get good news! Take care.
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    Leg issues
    About halfway into my treatment, I began experiencing leg pains. To me they were like the growing pains I experienced as a kid. Now that I am a couple of months post-treatment, it is getting better. I participated in a cancer rehab/physical therapy program, and the excerise seemed to improve the leg issues.

    Best wishes to you on your upcoming PET Scan in September.

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    Hi Gypsy,

    I am glad your through your tx and I am sorry that you had to be in the hospital. I know that must have been scary, and thank goodness they moniter our blood every week while in tx and thereafter. But I am glad your home and improving daily. I have the restless leg syndrome, but I had it before, I wasn't dx, but I imagine thats what it is. Theres no pain, I just have an urge to move my legs, and it doesn't last very long. I guess I should research restless leg syndrome to see what causes it. I will have you in my prayers for a clean pet scan in September. I wish you continued healing. Lori
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    hi gypsey--I experienced the same symptoms with the restless leg thing..but it eventually went away.I am now two years NED and am feeling good.I still have some burnng when urinating..so I drink lots of water..I t definitely helps.alyse