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Hi, I'm 33, and I just recently was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma that is in my bile duct/pancreas area. I had a whipple surgery which was rough, and I'm recovering. My oncologist doesn't offer much hope, and I haven't even had a PET scan yet! I don't know yet if it has spread anywhere else yet. I still have hope that something can be done??? Am I crazy? I have a 4 year old son and can't stand the thought of not seeing him grow up. Is there anyone out there that can offer advice, hope or email me? Thanks, Penny at [email protected]


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    Hi Penny....
    I did a clinical trial at the National Institute of Health three years ago and so far so good...I too had metastic melonoma internally, including the liver and adrenal. I cannot say enough about their care. It is worth the phone call. Check them out at I hope this helps. Betsy
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