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Recently, Dr. Tim Johnson of ABC news did a story on cancer survivors. It was broadcast on Sunday evening (May 31, 2009). It seems that another story has come out via the AP. For copyright worries, I won't copy the article here, but if you to their web site, and search the title, "Cancer Survivors Not Getting Needed Tests."

The article finally garners some attention for long term survivors, though there is still a long way to go. It's great in that it discusses the need for testing for secondary cancers. I'm just hoping that eventually, articles also deal with the effects from the treatments. While treatments have improved in both longevity for the patient, as well as reduced toxicity, there are so many out there that battle their bodies that have been damaged by treatments from decades ago.

But I still say, nice job AP.

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    long term survivors
    Paul and others, I believe the last issue of Cure magazine (an ACS-sponsored quarterly) also addresses long-term survivorship and indicates that the medical profession is finally realizing -- because of their successes and ours -- that we are living much longer than we used to. There is some commentary regarding the effects of our treatments, as well.

    I think you can catch some of that at (select menu item The Cancer Journey, and then Survivorship).

    Thanks for the head's up, by the way.

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