Immune system and travel to third world countries

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My fiancée is a twelve year breast cancer survivor who is doing research for her PhD. Her topic involves understanding the cultures of the following third world countries, Ghana, Angola, Sierra Leona, Liberia, Guinea, and Senegal. She has been told twice by two different doctors, once in 1997 and again in 2003 that travel to any third world country was not recommended. We have a doctors appointment set for next week and we will be asking about third world travel again. I would like to know if anyone knows of any new research or data that has been published on the subject of third world travel for those with auto immune problems?


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    I found this on the Center
    I found this on the Center for Disease Control website:
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    Just a thought....
    In view of the current threatened pandemic, she might want to consider delaying ALL travel plans for awhile if at all possible.
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    Sorry - I am slightly confused by your post...
    Had to read it twice. Two different doctors? Oncologists?

    Is your question in regards to her breast cancer, 12 years ago? (Obviously, she's in remission.) What do you mean by "auto immune problems"? Does she suffer from this type of condition?

    A patient currently undergoing chemotherapy must always certainly take extreme precautions against becoming ill. Is she in some kind of treatment at the moment?

    Did you "Google" for information first, before joining this group? We are survivors & caregivers here - not scientists & analysts.
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    Sometimes this site is just weird
    I think you are on the wrong site. You need to google for you information or ask the doctor. I read your post several times and I still don't understand it. lol
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    Does she have a separate
    Does she have a separate condition that compromises her immune system? If she had cancer treatment 12 years ago, then that as far as I know would not have any bearing.