pancreatic cancer

Bill Z 50
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I have pancreatic cancer i found out 8 months ago i Quit the chemo 3 months ago it made me too sict to do anything for about 5 days then i would have only one or two good days per week i started having trouble with my knees and can just barely walk with a cane there is another guy who started the same chemo at about the same tims who is also just barely walking with a kane who also has a lot of knee pain we were both secieving gemzar and tarcieva
anyone else havind this problem


  • artizan
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    no answers
    Hi Bill,
    I have no answers for you but I can tell you that you might try posting under "rare cancers" as that is where CSN has classified Pancreatic cancer.
  • BJ70
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    My Husband has Pancreatic cancer and its been 1 yr
    He took tarceva and is taking gemzar
    and has started have balance and weakness in walking
    It is hard to see this .. I don't know what caused it